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Whats wrong with my kitties face?

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Hi There, I am new to this forum and I am desperate for some advice.

I have a 4 month old persian kitten. I noticed about a month ago that one of his eyes stopped closing when going to sleep and his eyelid didn't seem to be working. I took him to the vet and he said as long as the thin skin covers his actual eye when he is asleep it is OK, but his eye won't actually close.

I was sat watching him today when he noticed another cat and hissed at the cat. It was then when I noticed that he was hissing with only 1 side of his mouth. The side which was not hissing is the same side as the eye which will not close.

I called a few friends for advice who all said it sounds like he has had a stroke(heart attack) and that I should take him to the vets immediately ..

Please help.. What is wrong with my kitty
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Welcome to TCS. If the Vet gave him a good examination then it could be that the muscles on that side of his face are weak. There will probably be someone along soon that has dealt with this and can give you better answers than I can. Good luck.
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It could have been a stroke and he's partially paralized. But you may need to check with a cat specialist if your vet can't figure it out. How old is the cat?
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It could be anything from something relatively minor such as bruising to the nerve, or something more serious such as a stroke. If it is a stroke, cats that survive the initial stroke usually have a good chance of recovery, but I would be concerned that it happened in such a young kitten. I suggest going back to the vet and if he cannot help, ask for a referral to a neurology specialist.
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Thank you everyone for your prompt replies..

My kitty is only 4 months old!

One thing which I would like to add, I have 5 cats, 3 of them are a few years old, and 2 are a few months old, including this kitten. His name is Harry Potter by the way.

One of my older cats does not like Harry, and she has often attacked him. We have tried keeping them separated but its not easy as the house is open into 1 large room downstairs.

I noticed his eye like this around a month ago, around the time that the older cat was scaring him. He is very scared of the older cat. Maybe this has something to do with it?
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