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My cat thinks he is a dog,lol. He loves a bath..will even get into the sink and wait on you...likes being brushed....doesn't like cat toys but will play with a dog ball all day long, and my two mini dachshunds are his best friends. He plays with them, sleeps with them, does everything with them.

Any of you have cats like this?
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Sorta - when we first got Charlie, he wanted to play with Keno's tennis ball rather then the little cat toys. He still prefers larger toys. He's tried to steal her rope toy and also wants to chew on the rawhide.

Of course, Keno, living with 2 cats, thinks she's a cat! She joins in with trying to catch the laser light and the fishing toys
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Thats so cute! Consider yourself lucky that your cat likes a bath!
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Samba kind barks instead of meows, its like a yip noise. We have always blamed it on him coming from the humane society where he heard all the dogs!! It is cute, he also LOVES to chew on things, shoes, straws, etc. The other odd thing he does which is not really a dog thing is he licks walls, refrigerators, cabinets, etc. Oh, the odd things our cats do!!

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My Louie definately acts like a dog too... he's half siamese and half tabby and 3 1/2 years old. He drinks out of the toilet like a dog, loves water, licks you like dog does and will even chase a ball and bring it back to you... OHH the wonderful joys that cats bring....
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