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What kinds of cats do you have and how many?

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I have all Siamese.
Five of them.
2 Sealpiont's Cheyanne & White Cloud
Both female
1 Chocolate Point Cloud Dancer
1 Blue Lynx Nickajack
1 Blue Point Grayski
And 4 unnamed kittens!
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I am getting:

1 blue mitted Ragdoll

in June.
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9 domestic shorthairs:
1 black (Midnight)
1 orange and white mackerel tabby (Sunshine)
1 tortoiseshell (Lilith)
1 orange tabby (Jules)
1 blonde tabby (Blondie)
1 blue poly (Polly)
1 brown tabby (Pan)
1 silver tabby (Silver)
1 dilute tortoiseshell (Max)

1 Russian Blue mix (Coal)
1 domestic medium hair, black

With all those colors, the shedding opportunities are endless!!
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I have 3 right now.

Asim : Male, Brown Marbled Tabby/Bengal Short hair
Isha : Female, Brown striped Tabby, maybe a Maine Coon mix? Long hair
Tage : DSH black cat, but I definetly think he's got some oriental in him.
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Opie: red tabby & white SH
Rowdy: tortie SH
Buddy: tuxedo LH
Ike: Dalmatian
Pearl: brown dog
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4 orange tabies (Moemoe, neo, sherbert..leo when he decided to show up!)
3 solid white cats! (snowwhite, blizard, and nimbus...although blizard is starting to get some black on it's head! )
1 gray/brown tabby (lilly)
1 gray and white (ashton!)
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actually i guess neo and more are more red tabbies, and sherbert and leo are orange
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I have two cats: Harry is a long hair siamese mix and Maggie is a flame point siamese. I guess I'm a sucker for blue eyes!
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I have 3 kitty children:

Pug is a seal point snowshoe (LH)(could be part ragdoll)

Thomas is a LH orange and white tabby

Arutha is part siamese (w/big blue eyes) and part grey tabby (he is a SH)

I'm a sucker for long hair kitties! (Arutha is just gorgeous too, though)
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I have just one cat right now:

Snowball is a DSH who is part Siamese.
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I am owned by 14 cats!

2 Tuxedo Males - Peppurr and Felix

1 Calico Female - Twinkles

4 Snowshoe Siamese Females - Mimi, Xena, Athena and Isis

1 Snowshoe Siamese Male - Hercules

1 Orange and White Longhaired Classic Tabby/Maine Coon Cross - Rascal

3 Black Males - Vader, Choas and Zeus

1 Grey Tabby Female - Miss Chevious (Mischief)

1 Brown Marbled Bengal Female - Majesty
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Just one: Spike - DSH grey tuxedo (I don't know if a grey tuxedo is technically a kind of cat - I know they're usually black/white, but that's what he looks like. )
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I have 2 cats

Willie - DSH gray tabby, male, 6 yrs. old

Mocha - DLH chocolate w/ white "star" on chest, female, 10 months.
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I have 2 kitties
1 DSH tabby male and 1 DMH cow kitty and she is a female..
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I have 7.

Saudi - Silver Tabby
Alex - Orange Tabby
Cham - Tortoiseshell Tabby
Ash - Longhaired Black
Chaucer - Smoke Black Tabby
Ta - Smoke Black Tabby and half Burmese
Griffin - Solid Gray short hair
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I've got 2.

Marbles - Torbie DSH
Trouble - Tuxedo DSH
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One 3 yr old Bouncing Baby Bengal BOY. But in my immediate family (my parents) we have a Somali and and orange Tabby - both girls.
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I have 3 furkids.
Fred, formerly yellow tabby, now just yellow with white face and chin. He has faded over his 14 years.
Pearl, all white.
Georgia, grey tabby with white toes.
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1 Turkish Angora
1 Domestic Shorthair
1 Siamise Mix
2 Bengals and another Bengal on the way

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I have Phantom-a lilac-point Siamese
Quincy-a silver spotted tabby Oriental shorthair (he is especially gorgeous)
Bosco-chocolate-point Balinese
New kitten is going to be a seal lynx-point Colorpoint Shorthair

They are as sweet as they are beautiful!
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