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Booked a flight for me, cargo for Ku Ku

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My relocation date is now set and flight's been booked. I also booked a cargo for Ku Ku and currently waiting on the confirmation.

While talking to an operator for booking a cargo, I was told that I am not allowed to put 1) any toys, 2) water bottle(I was going to freeze water in a bottle & attach to the door) of any kind, in her carrier. Only water in a tray is allowed but absolutely no food. I was also told that I can attach a ziplock/freezerbag with her food in it so she'd be fed at the quarantine station.

I'd have to freeze water in a tray before attaching it to her carrier as suggested by the rep but I am now worrying how long it will last without getting it spilt during travel...
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Doesn't sound like Ku Ku is going to have much fun.

How long is the flight? I don't understand the rule about no food, especially if it's dry food. What about a litter box?

I hope the move goes well without too much stress for you and Ku Ku.
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My Husband said the Airline he worked at is the same way. No food during the flight or water.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
No food during the flight or water.
They probably wouldn't eat or drink anyway in that situation.
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The no food/water rule IS a good one. (1) there is less chance the pet will throw up during the flight; (2) it could get messy as the cat may tip over the bowl of food/water; (3) in order to feed/water the pet, someone has to open the cage door - and risk the pet escaping.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
The no food/water rule IS a good one. (1) there is less chance the pet will throw up during the flight; (2) it could get messy as the cat may tip over the bowl of food/water; (3) in order to feed/water the pet, someone has to open the cage door - and risk the pet escaping.
I do understand the reasoning for no food or water. What confused me is that they said she could have a tray of water but no food. It seems like the water would make a bigger mess.
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I think the no food is a good rule also, what if the plane hit turbulance and the cat was trying to eat. Could possibly be a choking hazzard
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I don't understand that either. Even if you give ice cubes, they would melt. How long is the flight? I'd just not put food or water in there but have it available as soon as you can when you land.
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I first have to drop her off at the cargo area at least 90 min before the departure but I must do that probably lot earlier than 90 min as I'd have to drop off a car after that(before even checking myself in for the flight). I'm shipping my car to HI few days before flying out, so I'm renting a car to get around until the date of move. So, in total, I must add 2 hours to the flying time because of these check-in/pick-up procedures: drop-off, waiting, transit, quarantine etc... Although actual flying time is approx. 9 to 10 hours in total, this would add up to over 16 hours of door-to-door traveling.

Only relief is that even though I am flying across the ocean, I don't need to go through other complicated matters as I am traveling within the US.
But still, thinking of whole quarantine requirements, and she'll be locked up in a cargo area because of that...things are pretty much the same as traveling overseas...or maybe worse as I can not be anywhere nearby to watch her as she is not allowed to travel with me in-cabin.

BTW, I checked the HI quarantine site but they are not saying NO on transporting pet animals to HI in-cabin at all.
Actually, the site clearly stated "it does not matter whether the animal is traveling in-cabin or in cargo".

That's just those airlines. They established this whole "no animals in-cabin" policy for Hawaii flights for some reason... Why is it OK on other flights within the US? Hope somebody do something to change this in the future
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I'm not sure why Hawaii is different, perhaps because it's an island. I know quite a few people choose to purchase kittens from here as it's easier than the US mainland.
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Because Hawaii has the quarantine rules. You can't carry an animal off the plane - has to go thru cargo.

When we went there for our honeymoon, the people and suitcases had at least 3-4 checkins - more then the normal states. Hawaii is rabies-free (like England/Australia). If you are coming from there or shipping animals only between those countries there is no quarantine.

Even the celebrities cannot just hop on a plane and go to Hawaii with their pets. Many of them have a cruise ship that is anchored offshore where the pet MUST be kept. They can't accompany their owners to the island.
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Unless ppl smuggle animals into the island, I don't really see any problem carrying pets in-cabin as long as they'd go through the quarantine station upon arrival...

I know some foreign airlines allow in-cabin pets for Hawaii flight. Of course, passengers are NOT allowed to take pets out from carriers during flight, also they can not leave with pets without quarantine clearance - usually airline or airport personnels wait by the aircraft door to pick up animals & deliver to the airport quarantine station. So, either way, passengers with pets have to go to the quarantine station.
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Hong Kong, Singapore and Oz are another of those countries which all pets MUST go through cargo. It's pretty much standard. My show cats are used to it by now...Malaysia Airlines don't allow cats in cabin also but at least they are checked in at the counter as excess luggage. But we have to forewarn the airlines that there will be cats on board or else we may get the wrong plane!
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I didn't know that at all. Is your country "rabies free" as well?

Excess/check-in baggage is better than cargo as at least you know that your cats are with your baggage. I have to check-in separately for the flight - first for my cat(cargo), then my suitcases(baggage)
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My country has been "rabies free" or at least has had no reported cases of rabies for the last 9 years. We can never be totally considered rabies free due to the fact that we are connected to Thailand which is NOT a rabies free country!

Malaysia is considered a group II country - which means that we are the same status as most European countries.

Our pets can enter most countries (except group I such as Singapore, Japan, UK, Auz, NZ) without the importing country imposing quarantine status.

We have to cargo our cats when they go to Hong Kong - and the cats have to be there 5 hours prior to flying.
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Do you either sedate them or give them something to calm them down?
Are they quietly staying in the crate/carrier?

Hope you mind me asking questions but I'm curious - Ku Ku will have to go through 18+ hours of traveling in a couple of weeks.
She easily gets freaked out by 10 minutes car ride to my vet. I've already purchased Rescue Remedy but I'm worried if it works for 18 hours... I'll probably have to mix it in a water tray as well
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The cats that travel are show cats and are used to being in their carriers for extended periods of time. Not that it stopes them from "singing" the blues! Whata was only 3.5 months old when he came to me, he had a huge carrier for one so small and he was singing still when he met me. here's his journey:

Collected from breeder: 9am thursday morning
From 10am - 3pm : had a battery of tests (ie. vet inspection) conducted by the Australian veterinary services.
Was at the airport by: 6pm
Was flown to Malaysia : 12am (midnight)
Arrived Malaysia : 6.30am
Could only clear cutoms and cargo at: 10am (had to wait for the govt. offices to open right?)
Collected by me finally: 10.30am

He was singing the blues from the moment I got him to the time we got home. He was singing in my home quarantine (recommended). He only stopped singing when he met Rami!

Cats are resiliant. Don't worry or stress too much because your cat will stress out because you're stressed! We import cats from the US a lot! Our cat fancy is growing and so far, (touch wood) I haven't heard of any bad stories at all!
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More than 24 hours?????

Did you place a litter box in the carrier?
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