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My foster is in

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Hello All,
I posted here telling you I had a prego foster. Well, today I came home and she was under on bed and she had two babies one still wet and one pretty dried. There was also the placenta's and a very small under developed kitten(no hair only one leg, about an 1 inch long). I came home at about 6:50 and it is 8:40 she was contracting and contracting and now nothing for about 10 minutes. What do I do? I know there is at least one more. help?
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If your girl is in hard labor and doesn't deliver a kitten within 30 minutes to an hour of contractions, then get thee to an emergency vet pronto. You might want to call them ahead of time and ask them how long they want you to wait.

As a sad aside, you will probably lose the little one born with no hair and only one leg. You might want to emotionally prepare yourself for this.
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the bald one with one leg was dead. She is like sleeping now, but I swear there is another one.
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I am not there, so I can't be certain, but if she has stopped contractions for now, she may be finished and that's all the kittens she is going to have. Or it could be that she will take a break then start again. A lot of people are certain there is another one in there only to find out that there isn't. But, if, like you mentioned in your first post, that she is still pushing and in hard labor, then it is time to get her in to be seen by a professional who can best determine what action needs to be taken.

I am sorry you lost the little one. It is always heartbreaking.
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Thanks a bunch. I think I am wrong, labor has stopped completely she is sleeping and taking care of the two babies. I did call the ER vet and they said that the contraction she was have could have just been "after shocks" from just pushing out the others. If she doesn't seem well tomorrow morning I will take her to the vet for an xray, but she seems happy and being a good momma. I will stay up tonight with her to make sure she is okay and the babies are doing well. The other baby was hardly developed at all it was only maybe an inch long if that all pink(no hair), it had legs but hardly developed didn't even really have a face. I thought it was a placenta at first, but I picked it up and saw the little leg The other two seem good but I do have a few questions about them. The smaller one who weighs 4 oz, had a little clear fluid coming from his umbilicord stump is this normal, it seems to have stopped. Also his skin between his back legs is redder than his brother, is this okay? The other is 4.5 oz, and his hair is a littler longer. Both are tabbies like momma. I will get some pics soon. Thanks again
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Here they are:
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Was the 3rd born the dead one? I was told my Coco was having 3 kittens by her ultrasound. She had 3 kittens then stopped but 12 hours later my sister called and said what is Coco doing then a minute later a deformed dead male calico came out. Then not even a minute later another dead male calico. Her labor had stopped. I hope your foster is done. We thought Coco was. Do you know if the dead one was the 3rd born?
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I don't know, I just came home from work. There was a dried kitten and a wet kitten. The dead one could have been the 3rd, it was like a fetus( I couldn't even tell what color he would have been) She is done she is eating, drinking, moving around and taking care of the babies. She hasn't used the litter box yet, should I be worried?
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Give her time to use it. Meeko didnt and she was Constipated badly. Like I said in another post I thought there was a kitten stuck in her because she just had one. If she dosent go by tomorrow call the vet.
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Thanks, I will keep an eye on her I have the next two days off.
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i've read that cats can actually have kittens in 2 stages of development [one in each horn of the uterus]. it's possible the malformed kitten was not finished developing [premature]. when the 'extra' pregnancy happens, all kittens are expelled during labor - even the 'unfinished' ones.
glad to hear mom & the pair of kits are doing well. they look good!
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