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How do you deal with stress? (small vent)

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The stress has been piling up lately, and when I get overwhelmed I sort of..stop functioning. I guess I just dont know where to start. Anyhow, someone said something that just pushed me over the edge and I burst into tears, now I feel bad because they feel bad. I've just got soo much going on (including job hunting, there's no stress like no income stress) as far as things that need to be done before winter around the house, Im working at it at least 8-9 hours a day but I dont have time for anything else, like cleaning. Im not one of those people that can work 18 hour days (I try but when I get tired I get sloppy and just have to redo it the next day). How do you deal with stress? Im starting to wish I drank! Its getting to the point where I havent been sleeping well and Im starting to feel just miserable. Argh!
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sit down light some candles and have a cuddle fest! could be with a SO or your cats it will help with some of the stress thats what I do
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Ditto to the above...

Or have some chocolate, spoil yourself with a hot bath with bubbles and bath salts!

Have some nice quiet music (I love celtic music, or piano...) playing, and just let yourself meld into the tub. Sometimes I will even read a book; one that is either 'happy feel good' or inspirational...

I also like to just go for long walks; especially when it cools down at night (in the summer); strangely I also like snowy, and light rainy weather to walk in...I think because those times are the most 'peaceful' usually.

I also like to go out and spend time with my horse.
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What you describe sounds like more than stress. Life changes such as job loss...and stress, can lead to depression, hence your over sensitivity and bursting into tears and the subsequent guilt.

Several years ago I just wasn't coping. I felt over whelmed by everything, and I was ultra sensitive and felt guilty about everything and anything whether it was my fault or not, and I cried at the drop of a pin.

I finally went to my doctor and told him how I was feeling and he put me on Celexa. The initial dose was 20mg daily, and within the month I started to feel better, almost like my old self. I went back for my follow up and told him that the Celexa was working, but I felt there was still room for some improvement in how I was feeling.

He incresed my dosage to 30mg daily. Within 2 weeks of that I was feeling absolutely normal, like I did before.

I think I've been on it for about 5 years. Periodically when funds have been tight I have had to lower my dose to 20mg daily for that month, but I notice a difference in my mood. Last year in November and December I was under so much financial that even with the Celexa I was spiraling down into a depression, so I bumped up my dose to 40mg for those 2 months to help me cope better, and then in January or February went back to 30mg.

I still get stressed out, well, not really stressed, but I do still feel overwhelmed sometimes, but now I can actually cope effectively when I feel like that instead of shutting down. And I have the ability to self motivate myself, unlike before.

I believe that my depression/anxiety is chronic and in hindsight I have had symptoms of depression ever since I was a teenager and my methods of copying haven't always been ideal. So I will be on Celexa, or another antidepressant for the rest of my life if I want to maintain feeling normal.

However, some people have situational depression and only need an anti-depressant for a period of months or a few years and then they can go off of them.

I would suggest you go and talk to your doctor.
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When I get really REALLY stressed, I tend to do this..

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Originally Posted by lauracatlover View Post
When I get really REALLY stressed, I tend to do this..

that can help...
when i get stressed, this is what i do

however, i don't recommend that! [& that guy looks like he's smoking something illegal... strictly legal drugs for me!]
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lol, thanks guys.
Im feeling a little better today, slept in an extra 30 minutes and called it a day an hour early and got some cleaning done, finally!
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When I am stressed I try and think about what advice I would give others and give it to myself!

I am not very good at seeing the forest through the trees.

I like to sit in the dark or semidark and listen to soothing music. My cats come for a cuddle. I make sure I sleep and eat a good diet so I don't get run down and add to my stress.

I am so glad you got some sleep and some of your cleaning done. That always makes me feel better also. I feel like I have accomplished SOMETHING. I like my house clean.

Be kind to yourself!
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You've described a feeling I know all too well. I'm so sorry you're going through it, too! The only suggestion I can make is... sometimes it can be a little easier if you write down everything you have to do, and then tackle one issue at a time.

For example, if I have five different projects hanging over my head like rusty axes, I'll figure out which one is the biggest obstacle to my well-being, and then I'll plow into that one in a marathon session and just get it over with. One less rusty axe on the list, and I feel a little better.

Good luck.
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I like to light a couple of candles, put on some jazz, get a glass of wine and take a nice long bubble bath. It always relaxes me
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