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Cat Bored?

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Well as of about three weeks ago I got my kitty Yuki from a rescue site, and after a few bumps along the way, he is complete angel!

I feel bad though, whenever I go to class or go out for the night (I am a college student) he just sits under the bed all day bored. I got him toys and a cat tree which he plays with at night, but he was raised with two other cats since he was rescued from a small kitten.

I volunteer at the Humane Society and I just fell head over heals with this 8 week old siamese kitty. I was just curious to see if it might be a good idea to get another kitten for him to play with while I am away.

**Mind you he is 7 months old**
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I would do it and have before. Just introduce them slowly.
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Chances are he is sleeping under the bed. If they are truly bored, they know how to find entertainment and get into trouble! Sounds to me that you may not have the time for 2 kitties, as well it is recommended to introduce kittens 6 months and younger or wait till they are 1 year. His age he is going through the hormonal changes, personality development, making it sometimes more difficult to except a new kitty intro.
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Oh he finds ways to entertain himself, like ripping up my bills and all paper within site of him LoL.

I do think I have time for two kittties, it's just the time that I'm not at home *during class* that he gets into his paper shredding modes. I've thought about it a lot and the only thing I'm really worried about is the two not getting along.
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There is lots of info here about making proper intros. I say if you want this kitty go for it! Just go about the intros in the right way. That will be best for everyone. Good luck and WE WANT PICS ASAP!
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Oh there will be pictures. I'm such a sucker for siamese; as are my parents.

I just hope the guy who placed the kitten on 'hold' decides not to get him. I've been working at the Humane society every day and have grown so attatched to this kitty. I'm kicking myself in the butt because I should have gotten the little guy the first day he came in.

Second issue, my resident cat has all his shots, will bringing this kitten in expose him to anything? I'm pretty sure that the other kitten has been given his shots, but if he hasn't is there any risk?
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It's a good idea to do a quarantine period where they are completely separated, that way if the little one is harbouring an illness (which isn't uncommon in shelter kittens) then he will start to show symptoms before your current cat has had a chance to catch it.

A word of warning - I introduced an 8/9 month old to a 3 month old - the older cat is going to be a lot bigger and stronger than the young one but will still want to play like a kitten, and may inadvertantly hurt his very much smaller new friend. Sometimes it works out OK, but with my 2 I couldn't leave them alone together until the younger one had done a lot of growing and was more equally matched for their wrestling bouts (which they still enjoy )
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