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Bless her heart

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I am currently up at my summer home with my mom, dad, grandmother, and aunt. My grandmother is going to be 81 in January(I think) and tonight she had a 6 inch sub from sub way, 4 chocolate chip cookes, 2 beers, a whiskey and seltzer, and a large slice of chocolate cake. Bless her heart she is going to die happy and she, at 81, is in probably the best shape out of all of us. She got up at 6 AM this morning and packed up her car and was on the road at 9 AM for the 2 hour drive up here and she is going to be up here for 10 days, 4 of that all by her self. She still lives in an apartment by her self and still drives(though not far anymore the summer home is a LONG drive for her).

I just wish I am like that at 80. Her mother lived to be about 94 before she went to be with the Lord and was the same way. It wasn't until 86 that we finally had to put her in an assisted living apartment and about 90 when we had to put her in a full nursing home.

Sitting on the screened in porch tonight got me thinking how much I have to admire about her. 80 years old and still going strong.
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your grandma sounds freakin awesome! she sounds like my grandma was when she was alive in my grandma's case I blame it on the fact she was hearty irish stock
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my grandma is German but there isn't much to her. She is maybe up to 180 pounds now but when she was younger she was maybe about 130. To head and drink that much she really doesn't retain much of it. Her friends still get together and party up here. There coming up on Friday to join her up here and they always manage to find some sort of
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Sounds like she is living life to the fullest the way she should be!!

BTW is the summer place in Wisconsin??
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Yep its in North Central Wisconsin right on a lake. Its about an hour north of the dells in a very small town called Rome(near Nekoosa).
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Ok!! Even though to me that is central WI as I grew up in Wausau. To me up north is Minocqua!!
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well germans are partiers just like the irish and she sounds like a wicked fun lady my grandma was like 5'2 and 150 if that lol
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Sounds like my grandma.

She's 81yrs old and travels the country in an RV!

She is in better shape then I am @ almost 30yrs old
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My Aunt that died a few years ago from cancer was 92 oe 93. She was still taking cases and going to court. She was a lawyer. We went to Disneyland when my Granparebts were in their 80"s and they drove.
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I love being around people that are elderly and still have their wits about them. I had a great aunt that broke her hip at age 93 or 94, dragging a deer she had shot down the side of a mountain. She died when she could no longer stand just sitting around idle.
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