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It's time to go.....HURRICANE GUSTAV!! (this is long...sorry)

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Well, my parish received mandatory evacuation orders today that start tomorrow morning at 7:00. We had already decided to leave. My grandmother is in a nursing home here. They evacuated them to a church in Opelousas so my mother will be meeting up with them there. My dad & I are going to a cousin's house in Lawtell, which is West of Opelousas.

The madness started this morning when I tried to go fill up my car with gas. On my way to a Chevron, I passed a Circle K. No cars there at all, but the tanker was there filling up. I went to the Chevron because I have a Chevron gas card. Guess what? No gas. I went to another one in town...no gas. So I decided to go to an ATM and withdraw $100 so I could go back to the Circle K and fill up there. I went to one ATM only to be told by 2 people walking away that it wasn't working. They also told me the main branch wasn't working either. So I went back to near the 2nd Chevron station that I went to earlier to try a different branch. The ATM window said that "windows had not started properly, etc." WTH???!!!! So I had to go back home and get some cash, then back to the Circle K. By that time, there was a huge line, so I just got at the end. I was probably there for about 30 - 45 minutes. Then I went back home. I then called one of my brothers to see if he could take me to pick up some plywood to board up some of my windows (not all of them...I have 19). I just wanted to board up the ones on the south & east sides of my house. That made 9 windows & 2 doors. He met me at my house, in a different town. I called Lowes and they said they had 1/2" plywood. When we got there..none. We tried another Lowe's on the way to my brother's work...none. Then we went to my brother's work and he loaned me 9 sheets of plywood. I'll just have to pay him back. We went back to my house and boarded up the windows. I was finished up things at my house, shutting off gas, water, and power. He called me and said, "you left your black thing in my truck." ARRRGGGGHHHHH! That's my walet. I had to go to his house to pick it up. Then I had to stop at a grocery store to get myself some food. I picked up a case of water, bags of Ramen Noodles, & snacks. I finally got home around 6:00 or so tonight. I have been non-stop packing things and getting ready. My parents say we are probably leaving tonight instead of tomorrow morning. Contra-flow is starting tomorrow morning at 4:00. I have one cage set up in the back of my Durango with a divider. My 3 cats will be in that. My mom's cat is going to ride with my dad. Then I have Foster, the outdoor cat that has been hanging around my house that I'm working on (yes, I've been working on it for a very long time) for the past 6 years or so. He will ride in a carrier in the front seat with me. He & my cats have never met. He is at my house that I'm working on. I locked him in the garage before I left. When we leave, since the road that my house is on is the main evacuation route, I will stop off there and get him from the garage on our way out. I've got cat food for all of them, 2 bottles of distilled water for them, & 2 litter boxes. Hopefully that will suffice.

This is probably the last time I'll be able to log on for awhile. I don't know if I'll be able to get online at my cousin's house. I know she has a computer...but once we lose power...........

Here is the latest track....


Here are the latest computer models.....


Here is where I live....red is New Orleans (for reference only) Blue is where I live...Green is where I will eventually be moving to....

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Oh I hope you and your family and friends - in fact everyone affected - will be safe!

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Oh I dont miss my hurricanes days when I lived in Florida (miss the weather though). I hope you and your family and everyone down there are safe and secure!

Here's to Gustav stalling early!
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Good luck and stay safe
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Stay safe!!

Here is a link that tracks world storms, live.

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I'm sure you got my PM, Sophie, and the offer stills stands.

Many, many & prayers that y'all will be all right!
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Stay safe and I hope everything goes weel. I have been tracking the Huricane also.
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We will be praying for you and all the other people in the path of this storm too!
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Oh no

Stay Safe!
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I have a basic distrust of straight-line projected tracks. That is, if the track is in an almost-straight line, I have my doubts. Sure hope I'm right this time.

Tomorrow is the 108th anniversary of the hurricane that destroyed Galveston, "Isaac's Storm."
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Good luck and stay safe
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Stay safe!
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Be safe with your family and I hope the cats survive their road trip ok.

I hope you will be far enough away from the major portion of this hurricane and that your house is ok.
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eep good luck and stay safe! hope everything turns out alright for you and your family
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All my friends back at Tulane have had to evacuate. Seems like three years ago all over again.
for you and everyone else on the Gulf Coast.
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Very glad you're getting out! I hope you find your home in good shape when you get back.
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Good luck, sending lots of that you and your family stay safe
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stay safe!
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Prayers are sent for you, your family, and everyone in it's path.
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Our prayers are with you Soph and all the rest of Louisana
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You and your family and kitties please be safe. I will light a candle and say some prayers for you and the Gulf region.
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Wow, I am impressed with your planing esp re the cats and especially the little guy in the garage for the time being. Please stay safe and let us know how you are!!! Take care!!!!! My thoughts are with you!
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Stay safe
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I am glad you left, i hope you can get to a com. I left my desktop computer when we evacuated. I have my laptop wich is nice. turns out the place we evacuated to has dsl, so I am lucky.

I am hoping for the best for you and your family. I understand the frusteration and madness with evacuating. It was crazy the line of cars yesterday morning as we were leaving. Lines to get into the bathrooms were crazy long, and gas stations running out of gas along the rout.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you, your loved ones and everyone in the hurricane's path. Stay safe.

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Lots of stay safe vibes coming your way....
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Hope you, your family and your little kitties all stay safe and well x

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I´m so sorry about your rushes sophie... Last week we thought that Gustav were hitting our country but he "change" his trayectory to EU...
for you my friend and your kittys......
Please be safe.......
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Sophie, I have been tracking Gustav as well. for you, your family and you kitty kids. Great job locking the foster guy in the garage.
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Has anyone heard if Sophie's all right and back home yet?
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