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My new fostering journey

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FINALLY, after months of nobody even responding to me, I get a call about fostering. it'a s rescue group called Desert Paws here in phoenix (well Gilbert, but same same). I filled all the paper work out today, and the two owners came by my place to make sure I was equipped to handle it. I was impressed they put forth that effort. Did all the stinkin paperwork and I'm off to the races.

I'll be getting a preggo cat. she is in an apartment complex somewhere. she's not feral, very friendlly, but was likely abandoned.

I'll get her tomorrow or monday. I'm excited!
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Wow! Congratulations!!! Persistence paid off. I'm so happy for you. And I'm impressed that your shelter did an inspection. All ours did was get referrals from our vet to make sure our cats were healthy, UTD on shots and speutered. Some no-kills dont even do that much - if you volunteer, you get the job. So I am impressed.

Congratulations again, and if you need any advice or have any questions, we are all here for you!

PS - dont forget how much we love pics
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Oh I'm so glad a group finally got their - stuff - together! How absolutely wonderful.

Have you got it all worked out whether they pay for vet care and what to do in an emergency, etc? Hope you won't need any of it.

that all goes well!

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That's just wonderful!! Bless your heart for helping out!
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
Oh I'm so glad a group finally got their - stuff - together! How absolutely wonderful.

Have you got it all worked out whether they pay for vet care and what to do in an emergency, etc? Hope you won't need any of it.

that all goes well!

Oh yeah they pay for everything. When the babies come they pay for all care. vaccinations, spay/neuter etc. They want to do the spay/neuter at 10 weeks. I can't adopt them out until that's done. Well actually I have no control over that. They do the adopting. I just have to take the kittens and mom in when they're old enough to go. They do adoptions on saturdays at a PetCo in town.

They are even paying for the food! they are giving me a 16 pound bag of Nutro max kitten (chicken) dry food. More if needed. I told them I'd pay for the food but they insisted.

Very nice people. I'm happy.

Originally Posted by KittKatt View Post
That's just wonderful!! Bless your heart for helping out!
Oh I love to help. I have wanted to for years.
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Glad it finally worked out for you

Do they have an emergency number in case there is a problem? I know our vet won't see our fosters without a say so from a shelter director or staff member
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Me too. I'm glad!

Yeah I've got an emergency number, and they have a direct bill set up with a local vet.
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Sounds like you picked the right group to foster for then
Can't wait for photos!
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How exciting! You must be thrilled!

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Glad things have worked out for you, and bet you can't wait for them. Fostering is so exciting, so many people ask me if I get sad letting them go, but I dont really, as I know they are going to a fab home, and then there is the excitement of what is coming next (and sometimes just hoping for a couple of days before the next phone call to have a breather!!)
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WEll crap!

They think someone took the moma cat, they can't find her! booooooo
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I hope someone nice did find her, poor thing! Hopefully she didn't have the kittens somewhere. She may show up still.
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Yeah I just can't help wondering. I'm not concerned for my sake, i just hope everything's OK.

There was another momma to be in line so i'll be getting her instead, but it bugs me that this other one just 'went away'
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fingers crossed that the mum cat is safe, if she was living in an apartment complex, maybe someone took her in, or she might have gone into hiding to have the babies.
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Well here's the new mom I'll get

Madonna is a very sweet little girl. She's a gray and silver tabby, short
haired. Right now her tummy is bigger than she is. She wandered into an
office at an industrial park near 20th avenue and Grand in Phoenix. We
really don't know anything else about her. The gal who let her into the
office called her vet who happened to be my vet and they gave her my number.

She's very sweet, very vocal, likes attention, is comfortable in a room,
hates carriers and hates cages. She has not been vaccinated because she is
pregnant. She tested negative for leukemia and FIV. Hope you have lots of
time to give her attention and rub her belly, which she appreciates.
/me crosses fingers
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She sounds lovely, good luck
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That is too bad about the first Momma, hopefully someone is looking out for her
Congratulations on the whole foster process. I really do admire those that can contribute to the actual hands on part of rescue. It truly takes someone special to be able to do that. Im sure it will be very rewarding to you
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Awwww she sounds gorgeous!!
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Bless you for your willingness to foster. You'll be doing a wonderful thing for that momma kitty and her babies.
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Good luck with the mom-to-be and her babies!
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I am fostering for my shelter where I volunteer and already I love it. I am fostering a group of 8 kittens on my own and I have to say having some support is much easier. Especially if it is a good group.
I will be sad to see some of mine go but feel so honored to have been a part of their lives. Plus I get an endless supply of cuteness with these kittens.

It is very rewarding already. I love them like I love my own and once in my care I treat them like my own.
Keep us posted about how it is going.

I hope they find the first Mama kitty!
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Thanks folks.

Actually I'm thinking that other moma may have been a happy cat that just lived indoors/outdoors and was mistaken as a stray/feral. At least I hope that's the case.

I'm just anxious to get going . sort of like Christmas eve
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