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Advice needed: She will not be quiet!!!

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Hello, I need some advice:

About 2months ago, I moved into a new (smaller) apartment with my 3year old cat. I had lived with a roommate who had another cat, and in between living in apartments I stayed with my parents who also have cats/dog.

Every day, especially at night, she will howl/meow/cry at things like windows, kitchen cabinets, in my bathroom area for no reason. She has all the things she needs out in the open (food, water, toys, clean litter box). I dont want to let her get into cabinets for safety reasons. When she meows (I call it yelling lol) and there is no reason why she should be doing that, I tell her to be quiet. If she does it again she gets a squirt from a bottle filled with water. And I try to be consistant, but its not working. I am up 3+ times/night investigating what she is yelling at. I feel bad for her if she is bored, but I dont know what else to do to help her

Any advice?

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Did she like having the other cats around? If so, she may just be lonely for cat company. Would you consider getting a second?

My oldest cat looooved the cat in the apartment next door when he was an only cat, and would always yowl at the door to go see him. So finally I got him a pal and that stopped the nightly yowling.

Also, is there a night light so she can see? Another poster was having problems with nightly meowing when she moved into a new place, and it turned out the cat couldn't see. She got a night lite and the problem was solved.
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My cats can be yellers too

Sounds like she is bored. Have you tried a good play session before bed, about 20-30 minutes is usually good and makes mine sleep through the night.
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Please stop spraying her with water. She is just trying to tell you something.

She is LONELY. My cat Fiona was a HUGE yeller (I call it that too cus' it does sound like they are yelling at us doesn't it) I read here that she could be lonely for cat companionship. So, I got Ree Ree and she hasn't cried in the same way since. Occasionally she gets frisky and will yell at me to throw her toys so she can catch them.

My new cat Rocko is starting to cry when it is dark in the house and quiet. He is fine once he finds me and I talk to him and pet him for a second. Than he settles down to sleep nearby. They all did that in the beginning.
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Coco does that only if she is in a seperate room from the other Cats. Your cat might be lonely now.
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Im not sure... when she lived with another cat shed get annoyed by him always wanting to play and he would get kinda aggressive with her. However at my parents' she never did this... there was much more going on there.

No I wouldnt get another right now. I travel a lot and I can only fly with one (dont worry, she always flies in cabin in an approved carrier under the seat or next to me).

So the water squirts probably arent helping?
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No, the water squirts aren't helping.

If you can't get another kitty I would try playing soothing music or keep the t.v. on. Sounds like maybe the house gets too quiet for her.

Lots of play and toys since you are her only means of entertainment. Do you have cat trees and such that she can get up on and play or just watch the world go by? Make sure she can see out those windows! Hours of entertainment right there!

Catnip....the kind she can eat. She will eat and wanna play and than blissfully sleep.
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Originally Posted by newsocalRN View Post

So the water squirts probably arent helping?
Nope, and if she moves quickly and you accidentally get her in the ear it can cause and infection.

Also, each time you get up during the night to see what she wants you are reinforcing the meowing, as hard as it may be you need to ignore her.
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sounds like she's lonely Tiger use to do this before we got pepe and ever since we got him a play mate he is alright so maybe you need to think about this
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She probably misses another cat companion. Its a shame you cannot adopt another cat due to your traveling. Would it be feasible to leave your cat home and have someone take care of her instead? That way you could adopt a friend for her to stay with.

Also is she spayed?
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Your cat might be more bored than lonely. You could try putting one of those window seats up so she can look out the window and put a bird feeder right outside. I did this for my last cat and she loved it.

Also, food for thought: my spayed cat is still going into heat sporatically because they left ovarian tissue behind. So in spite of being spayed, she goes thru the loud cat calling all the time....she will be getting a second surgery to remove the ovararian tissue in Sept. This is a rare occurrance, but I only point it out because it does happen and it took me a loooong time to figure out what was going on with her.
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It could also be a territorial issue. Two months is a short time for a cat to adjust to an new environment. They are profoundly attached to space. I suspect humans can't fully understand how a new place affects them. I like the suggestion of cat nip and Feliway would be great too. Also, the note about not getting up at night is right on the money. Any attention, even negative, is good as far as your cat's concerned so don't give it to her!
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I would say all three factors- boredom, loneliness -needing attention from you and a new place (Cats think their home is their territory and she has to announce she is here now and she is also seeking her old places. Cats when they leave a place loose more than a home, they loose everything they knew - their hidey holes, their territory - it is so much more stressful for them than us as humans.

So we need to be understanding and yes, squirting her with water is punishment that is unfair to her so please try to help her adjust. Does she sleep with you? Does she have the same sleeping arrangements as before? Did she have special cat friends where she was before? What breed is she? I have Siamese and one can hear them in northern Maine I am sure sometime - and I live in Mass, lol

I'd help her with the stress- maybe your vet can help but you can give her maybe rescue Remedy or keep her busy in the daytime so she adjusts to your schedule again. I am certain she will in time but at present, she requires your assistance to do so.

Good luck! It is so tough for cats to move, so hard on them! Give her some time and lots of love and I would actually wait to introduce a new cat- maybe a few mos until she adjusts to the new surroundings. (There could even be aa cat outside who prowls at night?)

I'd look at everything- even a vet check to figure out what it is she is trying to tell you. Cats always have a good reason for any out of the ordinary behavior.
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Last night I tried to ignore her when she would yell at the shower door (which I opened and left open for her). Niether worked.

She does have a tower that is next to a huge window that she spends a lot of time on looking out. I cant imagine what she would be like if it werent for that.

Catnip.......hmm. I know she likes it, but I dont know how much Id want to give her... may make her more riled up.

I think what may be going on is that I work 12 hour shifts, and when Im not home she sleeps, and wants me to be up at night when she is to play.
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Originally Posted by newsocalRN View Post

Catnip.......hmm. I know she likes it, but I dont know how much Id want to give her... may make her more riled up. It makes them HAPPY not necessarily more riled up. In her case she may need to blow off some steam anyway. The energy boost doesn't last long and then they eat a little and take a nice long nap. I have three cats and when the are getting antsy and I have other things to do I put out the 'nip and they are sooooo happy.

I think what may be going on is that I work 12 hour shifts, and when Im not home she sleeps, and wants me to be up at night when she is to play.That's tough! wow. No wonder you just want her to shut up. But some nice one on ove time would be great especially with the move....who knows? she may be smelling other animals in the apartment. It takes time for her to establish her territory.

All I can say is play play play and catnip catnip catnip and patience patience patience. It won't be this way forever.

Can we see some pics?? Pretty please!
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Originally Posted by fifi1puss View Post
Can we see some pics?? Pretty please!
Sure. How do I post them so they appear every time I post?
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Yeah!!!!!! cat pics!! cat pics!!

If you go to the top of the page there is a link for "your cats" you can add a picture and fill out a little "bio" for her.

See my three boxes on all my posts that have my cats pics?....if you click on them it shows you their names and bios. When you add your cat it will show up on all your posts like this also.

I edited this post and ity looks like my cat pics disapperared LOL oops! I guess it shows up as long as you don't edit the post. LOL
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Originally Posted by newsocalRN View Post
Sure. How do I post them so they appear every time I post?
you're probably talking about a signature [that banner at the bottom of my post]. if you'd like one made, post a link to your pictures in the signature request thread. completed signatures will appear in the completed signature thread.
signature restrictions are as follows:
To Get full Kitten status you must have 5 posts and 1 day in membership
Then you get:
  • 10 stored PMs
  • 5 avatars to choose from
  • ability to use signatures
you're there already.
for just regular pix, join a remote hosting service [i use photobucket - the directions below are for posting pix from that site]. after uploading the pix [& resizing, if necessary - photobucket has a resizer on their site - i usually use the 300 size pic] click on the code below the pic that starts w/ [IMG]. this copies the code. then paste the code into your post. you won't see the pic until you post [or preview the post]. but it will work. example here [w/added space so that code will show & not pic]: [IMG ][/IMG]
this is the pic for the code above:

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Thanks fifi! It actually worked after I found the right size file... wish I could upload more of her though
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