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Prayers for my Grandpa

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Well, it is my husband's Grandpa. He was taken to the hospital the other day 'cause he was throwing up blood and they did some tests and they think it was an ulcer. But today he was feeling weird and went to the hospital again. I have not heard anything yet, so I'm just waiting to know what happened. Thanks for the prayers!
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Prayers for him.
Even if its a ulcer it can be very bad. When I was my Grandpa almost died from a bleeding ulcer and had to have surgery.
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He went to the doctor and is under a doctor's care, so I am sure he will be okay.
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Sending healing vibes to your grandpa-in-law.

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The same thing happened to my s/o several months ago, and it turned out to be a bleeding ulcer. It can be taken care of, if caught in enough time.

Many vibes for your grandpa, and I hope he'll recover quickly!
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Sending lots of feel better vibes his way....
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I will deffinately say a prayer for him!
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Awww, Bless him
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akk hope he's doing alright
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Hoping your grandpa will be well...
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Vibes and prayers for him.
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Many prayers and for him
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