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Worming a new kitten

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I'm sorry I don't have time to search on here, I just got a kitten delivered to my door from my boyfriends parents. They took it to have its first set of shots and worming. We had discussed possibly taking the cat, I guess it was supposed to be a "surprise" for me, because here it is now lol.

Right now he is in a pet carrier. I have 4 other cats and 2 dogs. My question is, is it safe to let the kitten around my other animals right now? He literally JUST came from the vet, and was an outside cat. I don't know if there is a period of time for the worms to die or how it works. Any immediate help would be appreciated....don't want to keep the thing in this crate for longer than introductions are nessecary, and I really don't need the other animals getting worms for whatever reason.
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You should probably keep the kitten separated from the rest for a while anyway, just to help along with the introductions later. And you want to make sure you've gotten all the fleas off him, too. There are any number of diseases and parasites a cat can get outdoors, and you don't want to spread them to your present pets.

Also, keeping the kitten confined to one room helps it adjust to its new surroundings, find the litter box, etc.
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I would confine the kitten to one room and away from the other pets until he has all his shots. By that time, the risk of passing any worms to others will be over.
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