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Should I write the breeder again?

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It has been two week since I hear anything from her again. The last email she said she was busy at work and would post pics then. They are 5 weeks old now and I do not want to be pushy. So should I write her and ask how they are or wait?
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Sure! Go ahead and send her a message asking how things are with the babies. We all just get sooooo busy with work and then doing all the "cat things" when we get home. If she shows, she could also be traveling since there aren't too many local right now. I'm sure it would be good for her to know that you really are still interested!
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Thanks I will right her.
I have met her before.
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Yeah won't hurt; or would you rather call on the phone. Sometimes its easier to get ahold of Jack's breeder by phone then by email. She updated her webpage and has a few new kittens ready in January. One happens to be a cinnamon boy, so I emailed her on it about him; and asked if he might be show quality or should I wait so see what the other 2 girls have after they are bred in September (as planned).
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I would call but I do not have her phone number.
That would be nice if the kitten on the site turns out to be your Jack.
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If she has a website, she should have her number on there. You said you got to meet in person at the show - I'd have gotten a phone number then. Did you do a "people search" on the net? You may find it that way.
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Its not on her site but I will do a people search. I was thinking at the time when we met to ask for her number. I wish I had. I did write her again last night.
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I hope you hear something soon, doesn't seem like you've had much luck so far.
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Still no luck. I will keep trying.
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nothing on people search? PM me her website; will see if DH can help us figure out her phone number
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I will do that in a few minutes.
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If you pm me the name I can try top help you search - I have been told I am good at finding people. There are some tips in locating folks online. Place her name in quotes for one. (What I get for having a brother in comp sci and dating more than one IT guy, lol). I also have designed the Tufts Vet Student Question site we had up for a time. (I did it out of interest but I really enjoyed that experience of meeting peple and their pets. I'd like to establish a toll free number like Cornell has - I am little jealous, lol) Sorry to get off topic but let me know if I can help. I do hope you find her!! She has to BE there somewhere.

In a totally unrelated issue, some guy I loathed from school had a crush on me and kept calling and I asked him how he found me. He said he was a "skip tracer" - not a term I ever heard before. He went after ppl who did not pay bills and my guess is he was not nice about it. But he did give me some tips too. (Tho I have never used them, the whole idea sounds awful tho there is someone who owes me $500 for her share of the rent but I am NOT asking him, sigh). A lawyer friend says I may have to chalk that one up to being naive.
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I sent you a pm also. I do know she lives in Petaluma and its in the hills.
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See my pm to you - found it for you
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Thank You,
I will call her this week.
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Did you try the 707 one I sent? The web site (DNS one) should also help to get to her - or at her work.

I think if it were me, I would contact her. Did you give her any money yet? Many breeders do keep potential and accepted adopters up top date even if it a newsletter so I find this a little unusual. I do hope it all works out. It's possible she is extra busy but still, she should be there for you when you are buying one of her precious kittens!

Good luck- I hope it all helps!
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Thats to GoldenKitty45 and Siobhan for your help.
I will try to call tomorrow since its a Holiday today.
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We called the breeders number and we didnt even get a machine.
The phone just rang and no one answered it.
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Try a few more times. If you haven't put down any deposit money, you may think about contacting another breeder.
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I am already thinking of doing that. I will give her 2 more weeks and that is it.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I am already thinking of doing that. I will give her 2 more weeks and that is it.
You've been so patient, I'd start sending out inquiries sooner rather than later. You've mentioned before how long the wait can be for a Sphynx and it would stink to have to start from square one.
You might want to let the breeder know that you are starting to look elsewhere. You might find you get a prompt response to that!
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I will have to do that. I have waited since March already.
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