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Hi, I am thinking about adopting a year old female from the shelter. She is extraordinarily affectionate, and lets me pet her all over. She is very calm, and lets me hold her. She comes to me, when I call her. She is not phased by barking dogs, or the lots of cats and kittens at the shelter.

She is pregnant. Do you think that she is calm and affectionate because she is pregnant, or do you think she is calm and affectionate because it is of her temperament? And any other thoughts would be helpful. Thank you.
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I would adopt her. It depends on the cat. Some act differant some act the same. Coco and Meeko did not act any nicer when they were preg. Meeko did whenn her labor started though. How old is she and how long as se been there.
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Spend as much time with her as you can. Get as much info as you can if possible (Sometimes - often actually), shelters simply do not know much about their little ones. You could ask if the shelter would spay her so you do not have a pregnant cat - it depends how far along she is, of course! (It can be done though and if I were adopting a cat who was pregnant, I think I would help her health by having her spayed asap unless her delivery date was too close for comfort).)

If you truly like her and she needs a home, why not adopt her. Cats usually pick people anyway- they tend to be smart that way, Good luck with your decision.
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I've moved this to the pregnant cat forum as the experts here would be able to give you more information.
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Thank you for your input. I just called the shelter, and she birthed one kitten yesterday morning. She is in good health with the kitten. I am on my way there now. The shelter does not have any info on her, only that she was trapped and brought in.

If anyone has anything else to say; I am interested.

Having just one kitten is strange; isn't it?
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My Meeko had 1 kitten also and I kept him. I lost him Jan 11 at age 5.
Will you adopt her Kitten also. I would kept the kitten if you can and kept Meekos only kitten. Meeko felt very hard after she had Yoshi and I got scared so we took her to the vet for a xray. I thought a kitten was stuck in her but it all was constipation. My Oreo Cookies bday was yesterday. I hope you adopt her.
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She sound like she will make a nice pet.
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Originally Posted by annnnnn View Post
Having just one kitten is strange; isn't it?
Happens more often than you think

If her personality does change a bit during motherhood, she will likely settle down again after she's spayed and no longer driven by hormones.
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Just wondering, is it a pound type of shelter or what? I just wonder what kind of shelter is adopting out pregnant/nursing cats? Has she been tested? Vaccinated? Will she come with a spay contract to make sure it gets done? Or are you fostering?
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Thank you for your input.

The shelter is a county shelter. It is rural, and provides personal care. They are so clean and provide all the comforts possible. They do have an overload of animals, because of irresponsible owners not doing spay and nueter, so they keep every cat and dog, and have them adoptable, whether pregnant or not.
I had taken an interest in this particular cat, then they had eased the issue of her being pregnant, as I had become more involved.

Guess what! The cat had another kitten forty-eight hours after the first! Do you think that is weird?

I still have a propensity for this cat, and now two kittens, that I would like to adopt the whole little family. Money is an issue; we have two cats and two dogs now.

any thoughts appreciated.
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My brothers cat did that and the 2 kitten that came 2 days later died. There were 6 kittens altogether and all died except my Sasha and Itty Bitty. it was a 2 hour drive to get Sasha but worth it. I hope you can adopt the mom and her kittens. my brother kept Itty Bitty.
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