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Neutro pet foods ?

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My pet sitter just sent me a link to a page that talks about pets becomming sick from the food they are eating. Most of these are dog owners comments but there is a cat owner in the bunch. I thought it best to ask cat owners here who feed Neutro to their cats if they are seeing any health problems in their kitties?

Please could we just have those who feed neutro comment so we don't get off track. Thank you so much. Sorry if I sound harsh, its just that this scares me.
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I've been feeding Gizmo Nutro Max roasted chicken flavor for the last year and half and he's had no health problems whatsoever.
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I've been feeding Nutro Natural Choice dry to both my cat and dog for 9 years now with no issues.
In fact, my cat has done better on Nutro than on any other dry I've tried with her.

I do not feed Nutro canned though, so I cannot speak there.
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We are feeding Max Cat canned with no problems.
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I feed nutro MAX wet as well as MAX dry and occasionally natural choice dry and I have had no issues. Jack has been on it for almost a year, Harley for 3 months.

I trust Nutro's site not the consumer reports site.

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We've heard unsubstantiated rumors coming from that Web site before. It has an official-sounding name, but no one's ever heard of it... I believe it's run by lawyers looking to start class action suits. So I wouldn't trust it or read it.
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Kody eats Nutro Max dry and has no problems.
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I feed the Nutro Max dry with no problems. I wouldn't worry about what people post on that site either. Some of those comments are pretty strange - did you read the one from the gal who said her own diarrhea and kidney problems cleared up and she gained 25 lbs after she switched her dogs from it?
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A domain name search on the owners of brings up the address of a business condo in LA, home to mostly Law offices and Accounting offices.

Grain of salt is in order here
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I feed all my Nutro. No problems. 8 cats free feed and happy. No vomiting or stomache problems here.

One time we had to go to Meow mix(broke week). We said never again. Before that bag was through we had vomiting problems.
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That web site is a bunch of hooey, masquerading as though it's an actual consumer affairs site. Note that it's .com, not .gov, .org, or .edu. Also, note that there's no way of actually getting real data off that site. It just feeds on people's fears for profit.

That said, I've been feeding Nutro Natural Choice dry, and Max wet (the small cans) for two years, and my cats are healthy and at the proper weight (as verified by yearly vet visits) and have lovely fur and are very playful at age 6 (adopted at age 4).

Also, the Nutro folks were very responsive to my queries during the recall, and I haven't noticed a differerence since their purchase by Mars.

If you're really worried, ask your vet if their community has seen any ongoing problems with Nutro. And maybe ask your sitter to double-check her sources a bit more?
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I did some further testing on that site that you posted...

...i was scrolling thru some of the "Testimonials" and they caught themselves in a lie so to speak. About an 8th of the way down someone supposedly from Ogden UT quoted the Food & Drug Administration website as Even though they got the address correct, they got the website leads to the Food & Drug Assistance site. This could be just a typical typo of sorts but if anyone was really serious about this topic they would've gotten thier sources correct. The Food & Drug Administration is located at

However, I did a search on for further validity of this story it comes up True ( pls see ) ...HOWEVER...this story is well over a year old...March of 2007 to be more precise. I would assume that the places where you buy your pet food has complied with the recall that was noted by now and has kept a vigilant eye out for other such incidents. If you feel that concerned about this issue, i would talk with the store manager and confirm that they complied with the recall.

As you can tell by now, the folks on this site that has and continues to use Nutro brand food, believe it to be safe, including me...i feed my three rascals Nutro Kitten Dry. Now, be your own judge in this and feed your animals what you believe to good for them.

FYI. That consumer affairs site is not that legit as such that each State has thier own Department of Consumer Affairs which is what you should really check. For Example, California's is

Food for thought.
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If a food has a lot of dye in it (like Meow Mix), many cats will throw it up. I know a long time ago when we heard of cats throwing up, we would ask "what are you feeding?" Most of the time it was Meow Mix.
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