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Saturday!!! What are your plans?

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Morning All!!!

Beautiful day here, sunny, and around 23 which to me is a perfect temperature.

Heading off to work shortly, spending the weekend finishing up the month end, staff scheduling, and reviewing purchase orders. Also my weekend for answering phones since we only have a minimal staff of being a long weekend..

After work I am going to another agricultural fair being held where my sister lives a few miles away..My sister community service club has a veggie contest going on and I get to be one of the judges...

The kitties are having great fun this morning chasing each other around the house.

Everyone have a great day
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My wife is off with her relatives this weekend, so it's honey-do list for me , followed by some things I have to do but can't during the week, followed by relaxing and maybe working on some music.

grrrrrrr honey-do list.
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We just got back last night after being away for a week. Let's see, I have to unpack, do laundry, go through the mail, spoil Abby, go through emails, Pm's, spoil Abby, catch up on some threads, spoil Abby, go get the hamster from my mother's, go grocery shopping, spoil Abby, water my plants and spoil Abby. That's not all getting done today.
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Good to everyone!...
Nothing exciting for me... work 1/2 day, go to try to rest on afternoon, to check the vaccine of milky today with the vet, go to Mass, and look for a beer,......God!..I need it!.....

happy saturday to everyone!
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Good afternoon

Rob and I slept in this morning, and I told him to pick what day he wasn't going to work - Saturday or Monday. Usually he works on Saturdays too, but since it is a holiday weekend, I would like him to spend 2 of the 3 days not working! (I don't work Monday). He doesn't ever get paid to work weekends anyway, so missing today is no big deal.

We're going to go to the bike shop and library. Then he wants to go do work on the Trans Am we have, but I was hoping he would hold off til next weekend to do that. He has to drive out to his boss's other shop to do that anyway.

Tonight is supposed to be date night, and I really want to go to Fisherman's Quarters, a really good seafood restaurant. I LOVE the grilled salmon We'll see if we actually go on date night, since I think our neighbor is having a Labor Day pig roast tonight. I don't really want to go, because he's all about drinking drinking drinking ... and therefore Rob ends up drinking drinking drinking ... and they all start acting seriously obnoxious! He hasn't mentioned going over there yet, so we'll see. The MIL asked last night if we were going, that's how I know it's tonight! (Of course, on our date night ).

Off to clean out the litter box and try and get him motivated to start our day (at 12:30pm )
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Afternoon! Or is it evening? Whatever. Either way it's nearly 6pm.

Today I have been doing what I usually do every Saturday morning - lounging about

Then I went riding and had an awesome time as they've started letting me ride Gingey again (Monty)

Took looooaadds of pics of me with him today, I'll have to post them soon

Then I went to my nans, and that's it!

Later I'm goin home to watch the X Factor and then I'll probably play with the cat

Seeeeeeeee Yaaaaaaaaa!
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Lots of laundry, floors, dishes, bathroom, etc etc.
Also, we want to finish painting our 3rd bedroom so we can finally put flooring in it and actually start getting our house together! Yay!
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Afternoon everyone!

This morning my mom and I went to go get our hair cut, then out to lunch.

I'm now back at home stealing DH's computer for a little while to catch up! (my laptop is messed up yet again!)

Not sure what i'm doing tonight yet!
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I ran out of steam yesterday and didn't finish my grocery shopping, so I have to go back today. I don't have to get very much, but and I'm kicking myself for not pushing myself to finish it yesterday, but oh well. It's a nice day and I need to exercise! LOL
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well i had work this morning then we went shopping bought some bits for us some for flash then went to my mams

all in all a canny day LOL
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Well the day started with good intentions!!

Picked some tomatoes (27 pounds) but not sure what to make with them, dug out my shallots and they produced well this year and re-organized by canning stuff and dumped out a couple dozen jars old older canned stuff like a jar of strawberry or raspberry stuff from 2000!!

We did errands and went to a gallery to look at wood turned bowls/vases. We know one of the exhibitors and Neil is doing woodturning as a hobby. Bought a fused glass dish. A few more errands and just wasting time on the computer now!!
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I'm trying to get laundry done, and as much cleaning as possible, just in case the hurricane hits and we end up with no power - in which case I won't get anything done!
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We went to Renaissance Faire. Now my boyfrend is snoozing.
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Well the day started with good intentions!!

Picked some tomatoes (27 pounds) but not sure what to make with them, dug out my shallots and they produced well this year and re-organized by canning stuff and dumped out a couple dozen jars old older canned stuff like a jar of strawberry or raspberry stuff from 2000!!
We plan on doing that maybe next year. I know it's a lot of work, but so worth it in the winter to have fresh tomato sauce or juice! Not to mention almost free!! What's your favorite kind of tomatoes? We got sweet 100's and Big Boys. I highly recommend the Big Boys for slicing for sandwiches or to eat plain. They ripen to a gorgeous dark red, just the way I love them. The sweet 100's a great but you have to pick them while orange and let them ripen, otherwise they split.
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I'm just sitting at home all alone playing scrabble online and watching the Red Sox game. My hubby is at work tonight.
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My sister picked us up around noon and we went to K-MART to pick up some things, then went out to a nice restaurant for lunch, my French Dip sandwich was delisious. Then came back to Mom's and my house and watched the DVD of NIM'S ISLAND.
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