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New Kitten

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I really shouldn't have but I did. I brought home number 4 today. He showed up at the bank where I work. One of the girls was out smoking and heard this cat hollering. She walked across the drive thru and there was a kitten in the woods. He followed her back to the bank and then came inside. He is such a sweetheart. He's very loving and playful. I'm going to put a sign up at the local grocery store just in case he belongs to someone. The way he acts I know he has had human contact before. He looks a lot like the kitty in my avatar. I will post a pic soon. He has gorgeous markings on his face. I felt so sorry for him I just had to bring him home. If no one claims him he will stay here with us and I have already scheduled an appointment for him to see the vet to be checked out. My other kitties are very upset with me right now.
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What a warm and kind heart you have!!!! to go and check to see if that kitty was ok...Congrats on your new furbaby...let us now what you call him/her and of course pics are nice

DebbieA and the Kids, Tai-Tai, Zoe, and Baby
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We have decided to call the kitten Titus, or should I say my husband has decided for me. Of all the names I put on a list he picks that one cause he likes the show. Anyway, Titus has an appointment Thursday just to make sure he's not sick or anything and to begin shots.
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How wonderful!! 4 is a good number I am sure he was meant to be yours.
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