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Ragdoll info

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I am looking for any and all Ragdoll info.I have a Ragdoll that turns 10 in April.Registered with a very impressive pedigree(father was a Supreme Grand Champion)here is his info.
Our "boy" Purple Heather's Whiskey Bandit has achieved the honoured title of Supreme Grand Champion in the International Cat Association (T.I.C.A.) and International Ragdoll of the year. During his show career he has been Canada's best Ragdoll and is consistently best Seal Point and White, offspring have also earned the status of Triple, Quadruple and Supreme Grand Championships, along with International wins.
So tell me what you can about Ragdolls,her whole family seems to have same info.
What should i feed her? her fur seems to be not nice looking.
She is very shy and Timid,is that normal of ragdolls?
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I'm no expert but my brother has the most stunning ragdoll, they are beautiful!
from what I know they are supposed to be very sociable cats,
have you any piccies?
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All cats have different personalities. Most Raggys are more social, but you can have a quiet, shy one.

If your Raggy is 10 yrs old and doesn't have a good coat, it could be something internal that is wrong or food. How long has it been since her coat has not been good? If recent, then she may need a vet visit and complete check up with blood work to see if there is anything wrong.

What food are you feeding her now?
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I just adopted her yesterday,so i am not sure much about her.I know she was being fed IAMS(i will be switching her),I am calling my vet on Tuesday just to set up an appointment for a check up.
i know the breeder where she came from passed away about 6months ago so all the cats from the Cattery went to a rescue.I hope the pic isn't too big.
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The cat is most likely scared due to loosing her home. Ragdolls should be confident and not run away when you come in the room. Hopefully as she settles in, she'll become less timid.

Ragdolls should be fed high quality food that is low in carbs. We use a Mixture of Royal Canin, Natural Balance, Natures Variety Instinct, and IAMs Hairball. It works well for us.

I agree that a vet visit for a checkup, fecal, and bloodtest is in order.

Good Luck and I'm glad she found you!
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Sorry to hear about the cattery. I would get a vet check up after posting the picture. 10 yrs is middle age and some cats will take longer to adjust to a new home. Please be patient with her.

Iams used to be good food, I'd give her Royal Canin or Natural Balance and add canned - that should help the coat too.
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We are being very patient with her,we have the basement gated off so the dogs can't go down stairs.I noticed last night when i got a glass of water she was sitting on the stairs and not hiding.
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That's a good sign
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Poor love, if she's been in one home for all that time then it's natural that she is shy and stressed following time in a rescue and a change in homes, even the most outgoing cats find it challenging and stressful.

Poor coat could simply be down to stress (an upset cat will find it difficult to relax enough to groom properly), but a vet visit and full blood panel is in order, she's at that age where she should be checked for early signs of age-related health conditions such as thyroid and kidney problems and diabetes, all of which can be manageable with diet and medication if diagnosed early but could potentially impact on coat condition.

Once she has seen a vet getting her onto the best diet possible will help with overall condition including coat quality.
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Thank you for all the info,She has a vet appointment next Wednesday,So i will make sure to talk to the vet about everything.Last night she was upstairs alot of the night with me
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