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Diabetics...are you? someone you know one?

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Ok, so I admit that being a diabetic, the thread about hissy's husband has frightened me a lot! (if you don't know what I'm talking about, look here). I'm just wondering how many of us here are diabetic or pre-diabetic, and if you guys would like for me to start a diabetic community thread ? Poll to follow, may take a minute, 'cuz my connection is running sloooow tonight.!!!
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My husband and his father are diabetic. His father has been diabetic for almost 30 years. My husband was diagnosed when he was 17. Diabetes is a scary disease, and it can be very hard. My husband had terrible eating habits before he was diagnosed (which likely contributed to the progression of the disease) and he still has terrible cravings for Pepsi and chocolates. And I feel guilty having anything like that anywhere near him.
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I'd love a diabetes thread! There are forums specifically for diabetics, but... I don't know those people. I know these people! I'd love to be able to share diabetes information with people I already know and like!

And maybe having a thread about it would help us all stay more aware and on top of our illness on a daily basis. Great idea!
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My Grandma on my father's side and my Grandpa on my Mom's side are both diabetic, and my Mom showed pre-diabetic sugar levels a couple years ago so I've got a pretty good chance of developing it. I actually went in for blood tests last year because I was showing symptoms of being pre-diabetic, (excessive thirst for one) but my tests all came back fine
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My mom's diabetic, so it's a concern for me. I also know a few peeps who are diabetic, too.
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Ok, the only way I can tell you to get there is to click on your own username, look at your profile, there's a box for group memberships, click on join social groups, there's a group for us now. And since I can't seem to keep a wireless signal for more than five minutes at a time, I'm going to give up and go to bed, lol!
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Originally Posted by zorana_dragonky View Post
My husband and his father are diabetic. His father has been diabetic for almost 30 years. My husband was diagnosed when he was 17. Diabetes is a scary disease, and it can be very hard. My husband had terrible eating habits before he was diagnosed (which likely contributed to the progression of the disease) and he still has terrible cravings for Pepsi and chocolates. And I feel guilty having anything like that anywhere near him.
Now, I love sweets, just about any kind, but if I think about it long enough, and try hard enough, I can walk away from almost any sweet. Hub still buys me chocolates for Valentines day. My only request is that he buys good ones, and I allow myself one "treat" chocolate per day until they're gone. My worst problem? Cokes......not diet, not caffiene free....straight up, ice cold Coke....... And with this particular disease, I'd be better off being addicted to the OTHER coke, lol!!!
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I just lost my mother because of diabetes and the toll it takes on the body - she had damage to her heart and decreased circulation in one leg which caused the liver to become congested. It eventually failed. And we also had the ongoing problems with sores on her one foot. Some just pop up out of nowhere and one infection resulted in an aputated little toe.

It seems to be in my maternal line as Mom's dad was also diabetic and had to have a leg amputated at age 81. (The day before he walked the perimeter of his 60+ acre farm!)

We also have evidence that Mom had a maternal great uncle who died from complications from diabetes.

I should eat better but I love my chocolate!!!!
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I'm not a diabetic but my dad is a type two diabetic, and his late mother and late brother were also. And it probably involves more people in dad's family than the ones I know about. And speaking of my dad, he's 81 years old and still walks at least three miles a day as a way of keeping the diabetes under control.

A couple of years ago, I was hospitalized for a serious illness, and my blood sugar went up so high, I had to have insulin injections to get it under control. At that time, I was also on some medication that caused high blood sugar, so the doctor wasn't sure if I was diabetic or not. I was sent home with diabetes testing supplies, but eventually it was determined that I don't actually have the disease. I still test my blood sugar at home once a month, and I think this is a good thing because if I ever do develop diabetes, I will be able to be on top of the situation right away.
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After watching the hell that Mike is going through, I would not wish this disease on anyone. I cannot stress enough that if you are diabetic, please if you are overweight- take the weight off as much as you can. Mike was told recently that if he lost 60 pounds a few years ago, all of this could have been avoided. I am also learning quite quickly how important insulin is to the body when it comes to healing. I've lost 15 pounds since Mike got sick- I would gladly transfer that weight loss to him if I could. We will find out next week if he will have to have an amputation or not.
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Hissy, I'm so sorry that you and Mike are going through such a horrible time. I'm sending major prayers and
to you both!
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I'm not a diabetic but I am insulin resistant no thanks to PCOS! It's similar in some ways and can eventually lead to diabetes- so I have to be careful and watch EVERYTHING!

I take a diabetic medicine (Metformin ER) to help with my insulin levels every day.
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My Dad has had it since he was a kid. He was a premature baby. You remember my post asking for prayers for him because his blood tests are bad. Well his blood sugar was 400 and his diabetis is out of control. My Cousin also died from it when he was in his 40's. My Grandpa also had Diabetes. Hissy sorry about Mike. My dad had a Heart Attack and Triple Bypass a few years ago and part of the cause was the Diabetes. He also has to get a prostate biopsy on Sept 3rd. They said Diabetes can cause a enlarged prostate or it can be cancer. This happened 3 years ago also and it was the Daibetes causing it. He also is obese.
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I clicked the part about knowing someone but it is not worrisome to me. My grandmother as well as several uncles and cousins have diabetes (some stage II, (Grandmother), some stage I but I know there are good treatments and gram gave herself three needles a day yet lived a super life. (She was nurse tho and lived life to the fullest and fortunately had no trouble with eyesight or circulation or any complications. She used to pass out and we'd give her orange juice or something similar (something with glucose) and she'd be fine) I do know some people have more complications but I have seen it in my faily and it does not worry me.

I DO worry we may have an epidemic of it. I am not overweight but my love of junk food (NOT good, lol) could make me such in a short time so I am careful about what I eat. I do splurge now and then at a fast food place. But I see kids who are huge and worry about what this will mean for our health care system and for them and their families and our country! It is NOT good! We need to take soda out of school and replace it with milk and real fruit juice (not drinks because they have as much sugar as sodas!)
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I'm diabetic, and I'm currently not taking great care of myself. I want to, I just can't get my brain wrapped around what I need to do and then actually doing it. I would definitely like a diabetes thread or forum or whatever. I keep thinking if they had support groups in this area, I might be able to do better.
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Wow! I thought there were several of us here. MA, we're still praying and sending all the vibes we can muster for you and Mike.

If it works, here's a link to the diabetic social group....come on in and talk, I don't want to talk to myself!

And a thought.....although both being overweight and having anyone in your family who has diabetes GREATLY increases your chances of developing this disease, don't let that fool you into a sense of security if you're healthy and have no family history of it. I know of two diabetics who took care of themselves, ate a healthy diet, had no family history of it....and still wound up with it! The dr's told them that they were "unusual" but not unheard of. (one of them died recently, he wound up with pancreatic cancer a couple of years back :-().

Misty8723, that's one reason I asked the question, and started the social group....hoping that maybe 'with a little help from our friends' those of us who don't take care of ourselves like we should might find some motivation, support, even just an ear to listen sometimes, to take care of ourselves. Like CarolPetunia said, there are other forums for it, we all know each other already!
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My estranged husband was type 1. Theres several members of his family have it, but my husband died in a diabetic coma 2 years ago

My Director who's as thin as a rake was diagnosed with it 3 years ago, his father was also diabetic
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borderline diabetic here...Have been for about 3 years now...I started out as a hypoglycemic about 5 years ago.... With any luck I can prevent the issue from going any further...although there are times when I don't always watch myself as carefully as I should, usually due to stress or 'busyness'...
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