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Mmm! Beer!

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I'm having ribs on Monday and decided that I wanted to have a beer with them. I picked up 2 six packs of Coors Light. I couldn't resist having one tonight. It was ice cold and sooooo good that I had to have a second one.

Now my nose and the space between my upper lip and nose is tingling. A sign that I've had enough!! But it was so good! My first beer in probably 3 years
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Yuck Yuck Yuck. We don't drink alcohol any more (bad experiences in the past from family). But I've never liked beer - its one of the grossest tastes to me. When I was having a mixed drink when younger, it would be one of several favs:

Rum & Coke
Kuluha & Cream
Singapore Slings
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I'm not really into the 'American' beers... I'm a strange chick... give me a pint of Guinness any day!! If I'm just at home, I'll do a bottle of hard cider... yummm... if I have all the ingredients, I'll do one of my favorite mixed drinks, but usually I don't...
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mmmmmmm beer. What I wouldn't do for a nice Blue Moon right about now.....
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Yuck Yuck Yuck.
I can't stand the taste of beer!

You would think that I'd love it - considering I'm from Wisconsin and almost everybody loves beer there. But it just gags me. I don't like wine or champagne, either.

I'm not much of a drinker anyway, but if I do occasionally have a drink or two, I prefer a mixed drink - especially those fruity ones.
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Oh, there's nothing better than an ice cold beer! I don't really like mixed drinks but give me a beer and I'm happy. It can get dangerous because they sometimes go down like water...then kick you in the butt.

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I'm one ofr those odd people that doesn't like 'designer beer' , for lack of a better term. My brothers and BIL like that nasty dark stuff and even beer flavored with fruit! UGH! Give me an ice cold Budweiser and I'm a happy camper, altho 1 is my limit. I probably go thru a 12 pack a year! DH doesn't drink at all, never has. Alcoholism runs rampant in his family and he refuses to drink; gotta love him!
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ask for a "lager" in wich one any brand that you want my friend!... I guarantee a great return to you my friend!.........
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Coors --- YUCK!

But I will drink Budweiser as long as it is icy cold. I never used to like beer but DH does and wanted me to have a beer with him sometimes. It kinda grew on me.. LOL

I will probably get a 24 or 36 pack today when I go shopping.
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I could tell you any number of funny beer stories. No, not about people drinking too much of it, but the stuff itself.

For example: One comedienne said beer must have been invented by a man. No woman would luck in the clay pot filled with wheat, see that water had leaked in and spoiled it, and say, "Oooh, yuck, it's spoiled. Let's drink it and see what happens!"

Or the radio talk show host, Jim Bohannon, who had a panel of beer experts on one night to discuss the best beer in the world. They knew all the esoteric stuff, but finally concluded that if you were going to have one or two, and enjoy it all evening, Guinness was the choice. But cold, not warm.

The next night he had the same panel on, discussing the worst beers in the world. Schlitz, PBR, all those came up, and then they threw in some like Billy Beer. But again, at the end of the 3-hour discussion, they came to a consensus: Corona. One expert's comment: "I think this horse had diabetes before he died."
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I love most beers! Hope you enjoyed yours Linda!
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Originally Posted by Catkiki View Post
But I will drink Budweiser as long as it is icy cold.
Budweiser=gross. And that's all I have to say about it.
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Originally Posted by owenj View Post
Budweiser=gross. And that's all I have to say about it.
Bud is ok. I prefer either Coors Light or Labatt's Light

I find beer very filling so I prefer lighter beer. However, I can drink pretty much anyone under the table when it comes to regular beer. My secret? It's so filling that I feel bloated and end up going to the washroom to throw up. So by the time I return to the table I feel refreshed and the alcohol doesn't really have a chance to get into my system very much. Light beer on the other hand isn't as filling so it will get me tipsy.
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I drink lots of beer in the summer!! Not light beer-it too watery no taste though.

Got an email from Leinenkugel's this week stating they are done making their Summer Shandy so I had to run out and buy 2 12-packs to hold me until end of summer.

Nice and cold-thats how I enjoy my beer!!

(got about a 12 pack of Guiness in the basement too along with a mix of Belgium beers)
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I can not stand beer either.
I like Wine
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Originally Posted by owenj View Post
Budweiser=gross. And that's all I have to say about it.
DH calls Coors "Rocky Mountain Camel "
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I'm not a beer drinker, give me apple or pear cider any time and I am happy!
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Ooooh speaking of cider, i have a bottle of Magners in the fridge that i'm going to pour over some ice now
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Yeah my beer has to be ice cold on a hot day. I can down one like that in no time flat. But if it gets at all close to going warm...yuck. I LOVE beer with crab legs!!! I think I'll go have one now. All I have is Bud. I bought it when we had company, and my bf doesn't drink and it's boring to drink alone so it's been in there a while...hope it's still good. lol
Scratch that. I forgot we used it to boil brats. All I have is a Honey Weiss and 2 Sunset Wheats. Which I don't care for those. I put the Honey Weiss in the freezer for a bit.
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I don't like beer as much as I used to. What I like is WOODCHUCK CIDER, not the Apple or Pear kind, but the original, especially if it's icy cold!
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Before the American Revolution, hard cider was actually the most common drink in the US. It killed the bacteria in the water. John Adams attributed his long life to drinking a pint of hard cider every day. Beer caught up after the war.
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I like a beer when it's really hot, nothing better for quenching your thirst...

For me of coarse it will always be Canadian for the Canadian.
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Originally Posted by Catkiki View Post
DH calls Coors "Rocky Mountain Camel "
I've never had Coors, so I can't comment. I'm only 21, so there's a world of beers out there for me to try

But currently at the top of my list are Blue Moon (made by Coors I believe) and Abita Purple Haze. Yuengling black and tans are good too.
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I am SUCH a beer girl! And I went to Penn State, so I'm a drinker by default hahaha

Yuengling is my favorite - black and tan if I have the choice, but usually it's just the lager... I prefer the lagers over light beer by far! The majority of my friends are guys, so I guess that's why I went down the beer path lol

After 5 years of college, I can't really "do" straight liquor anymore lol and I honestly prefer not too... I can drink beer til the end of time and not get sick or hung over but the littlest bit of liquor gets me in trouble anymore haha

I indulged in some beer-y goodness today as we had a bunch of people over for labor day.
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I can't believe that I drank 6 beer since Friday!
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I got some ice cold Bud Light in the fridge
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I can't believe that I drank 6 beer since Friday!
You are having a good ole time aren't you?
I am not a beer drinker. I am not much a drinker at all. I do like some wine with dinner or a cold beer occasionally with Japanese food or sake.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I can't believe that I drank 6 beer since Friday!
...cheers then my friend!.....

Are you donĀ“t feel.....?....
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Leinenkeugel's and Steven's Point Brewery make some of my favorites. I also like Blue Moon.

I don't agree that Corona is awful. I like Corona. Nothing like an ice cold Corona with lime on a hot day.
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I live just a few miles from the Coors brewery. Coors is . My family from Nebraska think it's the best beer ever and can't understand why all of us from Colorado can't stand it.

Bud is pretty good. LaBatts is my fav. But I also love Michelob's Amberbock, especially on a hot summer day. Leinenkeugel is really good too.

But IMO the two best kinds of beer are COLD and FREE.
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