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How much to feed?

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My oldest kitty Asher is 5 1/2 years ol and Jack is just over a year. Asher is my big boy (not fat or overweight at all, just a large cat) and weighs about 16lbs. Jack is smaller and weighs about 10 or 11 lbs. I just got them switched over to an all wet food diet and have been buying Fancy Feast wet food for them. It comes in 3oz cans and I feed my boys twice a day...once in the morning and once in the evening. I have been letting them share a can when I feed them (share a can in AM and share a can in PM). They get fed in separate bowls. I give Asher a bit more than Jack. Asher wolfs down the food and Jack takes forever to eat. Often times Jack will only eat half of what I give him before he walks away. I often have to coax him to eat more, but he never finishes it all. If I'm not careful Asher will finish it off. Anyway, am I feeding my boys enough/too much? I don't know how to figure out how much to feed each cat. Thanks!
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roughly feed 1/2 to 1 oz of food per lb of body wt ...

16lb kitty should if eating only wet get 8-16 oz a day or one and half to 3 5.5 oz cans

11 lb should get one to two 5.5 oz cans a day
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When you put the wet food out keep an eye on how much they eat. My cats usually leave a tablespoon or so in the bowl when they are done so I know they have had their fill.
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