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vaccination reaction (long post)

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as you may know i had 4 foster babies. i kept two and my mom took the other two. Everyone had thier first FVRCP and when one of my moms little guys, Squeekers, had his second booster on tuesday, along with his second FIV booster (she has a FIV+ cat) he was very lethargic and feverish within 4 hours after. she called and we both thought it might just be a mild reaction and he'd be fine in the morning. well by the next morning, wednesday, my mom had to rush him to the vet, his temp was 105 (according to the vet) he wasnt eating and was extremely lethargic and shaking due to pain said the vet. he was kept there on pain meds and IV fluids steriods and antibiotics. finally his fever broke last night but went up a little to 103.4 this morning but dropped a short while later and stayed stable. he was released tonight with Zythromax antibiotic for home and to take his temp and keep an eye on him. he is almost back to his normal crazy energetic kitten self. I was wondering if there is anyone else out there that has expierenced this type of reaction in their cat. also i thought it couldve been because their momma cat died when they were 3-4 weeks old and i fostered them. on a side note the vet worked vey well with us, they were wonderful, they contacted the vax company and there were no other reactions reported and did request the rest of the batch that our vet had used on Squeekers. they let us visit him whenever we wanted and didnt make us pay a cent for anything they said they'd bill the vax company. the vet is also very hesitant on vaxing them for anythig other than rabies now,and only the rabies under close supervision. i would like to hear if and one hs ever seen or heard of this type of reaction, no vomit no diareha (spell?) no uticaria. thanks again.
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That happened to my Lucy and I lost her at age 11. She became very sick after getting a shot and kept needing blood transfuions after that. I hope he will be ok. Lucy never did get a shot again but the damage was done.
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thanks for answering me mews2much. i'm so sorry about your Lucy. little Squeekers is doing much better, he is lively, running, playing like a maniac and eating well. i took his temp yesterday and it was 101.2 so thats a great sign. what symptoms did your Lucy exhibit after her vax's? i am glad the vet did 2 blood panels on Squeekers, it gives me comfort knowing that they were normal. oh one more question mews2much, how old was Lucy when she had her reaction?
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Lucy was 9 when she got that shot. It was a shot she had not had before. She was 11 when she died on the way to the Er Vet. I am glad he is better now. Within a hour of having the shot she could not even stand up and would just lay there. We went back to the vet and she needed a blood transfusion. I would be care when your cat gets shots now. My Coco dosent get them anymore because my Vets all said its not safe for her now.She is 16.5 though. Lucy was only a year older then Coco and I have always wondered if I would still have her. My Meeko also had a bad reaction to a shot when she was a kitten so she dosent get that shot anymore. She gets the 5 in one distemper shot. I am glad your cat is better.
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what shot did Lucy have and what one did Meeko have? my vet said she is very reluctant to vaccinate any of the kittens, there are 4, except for rabies, i guess thats a pretty safe vax but i'm still worried.
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Rabies is what made Lucy very sick. My Friends cat also got cancer from a Rabies Shot. Meeko got sick from the Feline Leukemia shot. Rabies Shots might be mandatory in your area so that could be why the vet wants to give them.
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We also had a bad experience with the rabies vaccine, our beloved Pickles, who we had to let go to the bridge this year after memorial day, developed a vaccine related sarcoma due to what the vet said was more then likely caused from his rabies shot. I am happy to hear your buddy is doing better. I still have my bad days when I miss my buddy. Although I know he is in a better place and isn't sick anymore.
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That's so scary. I'm glad Squeekers is doing better. I was scared when Hunter had his kitten rabies shot. He was vomiting from it. When he needed his booster this Spring they gave him some type of antihistamine first and then called to check on him to make sure he wasn't reacting. I live very close by otherwise they would have kept him there to monitor him.
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What you've described is exactly why I don't "stack" vaccines and why I make people who buy my kittens sign a contract that states they are not allowed to do that either.
Stacking is giving multiple vaccines at the same time. IMO, this really puts stress on a cat/kittens immune system and some of them just don't do well with that. Some, maybe even most are ok, just a little down for a day or two, but why risk it?
Space those Vax's apart so the kittens can re-coup quickly.
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