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New puppy causing havoc

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For Ichi. I got a new puppy (a gift) last week. The first few days and except for QT (grew up with dogs) the cats were quite upset. Now at least, they seem to tolerate it and I have been training the puppy to behave. But for Ichi it is a different story. He now stays hidden all day. Will only eat if the puppy is somewhere across the house and quiet. Thankfully because my cats are outdoor, I have not experienced bad behavior like spraying or destroying furniture.
Good grief! How long will Ichi realize the pup is no threat? By the way, I have another dog and he had no problem being accepted.
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I had my cats before my brothers dog came to live with me. He's a small dog but very hyper. He contantly jumped around when he saw one of my cats. He wanted to play, but the jumping and running up to them was (to the cats) a sign of aggression. They would spit and growl and arch their backs at him and sometimes try to hit him. My oldest male cat took a long time to accept him but it was only when the dog started to calm down and not care whether the cats were around that he started to tolerate him. Not really friends but they will pass him by without spitting. Ichi will eventually come out, its only been a week, time will help. Good luck.
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Don't know if this will help at all, but: http://www.thecatsite.com/Behavior/5...s-to-Dogs.html

Given that one of our cats takes about 6 months to adjust to having a new cat in the house, I can't guess how long a kitty can be scared of a puppy!

that Ichi adjusts sooner rather than later.

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