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After four days in the hospital...

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I was officially going stir crazy. Hard bed + bad back = pain. Clear liquid diet + periods of no food at all = me getting very aggravated.

This all started the 15th when I suddenly had horrible diarrhea, chills, and body pain. That Saturday (16th) I went to the ER because I knew I was very sick - there I was given fluids, antibiotics, and some Nexium. It turns out the antibiotics and Nexium where the worst thing they could have given me. I have Clostridium difficile.
I had held out for a week thinking I was getting better but went in to see my regular doctor Tuesday - they almost couldn't fit me in that day. When he saw my blood tests from the ER visit he was very alarmed and surprised they let me out of there with such a high white blood cell count... so I got admitted.

The real piece of the puzzle was that earlier this month (around the 4th) I was on Augmentin and flagyl.

I'm now on vancomycin and another gritty powder type medicine to help adsorb the toxins and help the diarrhea. Nasty stuff.

The worse news is while in there they checked my gallbladder... it's got it go. I'm not looking forward to surgery - which should be happening in around 2 weeks. In the mean time I'm to be on a very bland diet as to try to avoid setting off any gallbladder attacks. I had one in the hospital (from beef broth...) and it significantly elevated my liver enzymes.
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I hope you feel better.
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Yikes!! I hope all your current symptoms are gone by time the docs do the gallbladder surgery.
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^They need to be. And I really don't want to try to recover from two things at once.

And thanks you two.

The other highlights of my stay are what appears to be either an infected or irritated vein from one of the IVs and a blown vein from the attempt to put in another. My veins need to heal before I can go into surgery.
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Lots of feel better vibes coming your way....
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I had gall bladder surgery about 30 years ago, and while it wasn't a picnic, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And now-a-days, I don't think it's the same as way back then. I think they can do the surgery w/o having to make a big incision.

You'll be okay. Let us know how it goes!

Plenty of for a speedy recovery!
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I am so sorry you are going through this C difficile is not fun. I can remember doing cultures for in in the microlab. That was one sample that was easily recognizable. I always felt sorry for the patients because they were really, really miserable. Vanco is a yucky antibiotic.

Having a bad gallbladder on top of it sounds just dreadful. If I am remembering correctly you also have some chronic not so fun illnesses as well.

Lots of get better quickly vibes and please keep us updated on the future surgery.
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