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flying cat from Singapore to NZ

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Hi guys!

I am STRESSED about my cat Chomie's relocation from Singapore to NZ. Good thing Singapore is rabies-free so at least Chomie will not have to go through the whole deal of quarantine in NZ.

I thought Chomie's stress day was over when she had her microchipping last week, apparently not! I happened to read a few horror accounts of flying cats in cargo and some resulted in bad endings. I am now scared for my cat!

She used to be a pregnant stray near our workplace and I decided to have her TNRd. But because she was a sweetie, I decided to keep her and never regretted that decision.

Since we're leaving Singapore, bringing her along with us is the right thing to do. I can't bear the thought of leaving her behind... it'll break her heart and not to mention, ours too! We love her dearly and learning about deaths in cargoes obviously is stressing me out!!

We've already contacted a pet relocation agency to help us bring her to NZ, it doesn't come cheap but we just want the best for our cat. The fee is more expensive than our plane ticket!

I am just praying for her safe arrival in Wellington more than anything else! I'm terrified of what may happen to her, I hope the people who will handle her are pet lovers and will not treat her as some baggage.


Steph aka Jalapeno
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My Husband worked for a airline for over 30 years and he said some airlines will let you have her in the cabin. He has seen the bad things that happened also. Can you see if the airline will let her be with you?
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The pet relo company told us she can only fly in cargo as Qantas doesn't allow pets in cabin. She needs to be flown to a rabies-free country too (will stopover in Sydney) or else MAF (quarantine) NZ will fuss about stopping by in a rabies endemic country.
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My Husband thinks she should be exempt from as long as the cat stays in the plane. Are you switching planes or is it just a stop over. My friend moved from Singapore to the Us about six years ao but her cats stayed at her parents house in Singapore. She also works for a airlins as does her husband.
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She will most likely be just fine, I know many breeders who've imported and exported cats, and though it was a much shorter flight for my kittens to get to me (as cargo) they were all treated very well.

Good luck, and if you can give her some Rescue Remedy to help calm her before the flight.
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thank you. I hope she will be handled well. I've already got her Feliway Spray, hope that will work because I don't think we have Rescue Remedy here.
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