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Scard of the bed!!!!

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Stitch, my 6 month old kitten that I bottle raised, has ALWAYS slept in the bed with us at night. Usually it's on one of our necks or between DH and me. This morning I realized last night Stitch was mysteriously absent from sleeping with us. When I mentioned it to DH he said when he came to bed last night (I was already sleeping) Stitch was on the bed with me and when DH got into the bed something spooked her and she went running.

Now she won't go anywhere near the bed, and is especially frightened of the comforter. I am so sad! What should I do? Should I just let her slowly get comfortable with the bed again? Or start putting her on it while being very nice and calm and petting her? Use treats? I love having her sleep with us, Roxy has never really done that, and I don't want her to always be scared!

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Try adding catnip tea to the rinse water the next time you wash your sheets.
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My cat ReeRee did that for a little while. He got over it. There was a particular comforter he didn't like so I just don't use it. It seemed to help.
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I had not heard of the catnip on the sheets but just spray your bed with Feliway. We are in a new house and Alley is still adapting but she does seem to be comforted with areas sprayed with Feliway.
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