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Quirky Cats

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I was just wondering if your kitties, or the kitties you know, have any quirky, crazy habits.

I was talking with my friend today, sharing cat stories (what else? ) and she told me about this strange thing her little girl kitty, Whiskers, does. Whiskers take any and all silverware out of the kitchen sink. Clean or dirty, doesn't matter. She's not just content with taking it out of the sink, she drags it out to the dining room and living room! She's trying to sell her house right now, and can only imagine what the people going on walkthroughs must think with silverware strewn across the dining room and kitchen!
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Yes, Asim has started an obsession with eating anything plastic.
It's hard to keep everything like that out of his reach!! It's just a recent thing, darn cat. =p
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Twinkles always finds plastic to chew on. We throw away all of it, and somehow, she finds more! Peppurr climbs up the walls at midnight, everynight! What little goofballs!
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Of course the kids all do cute and crazy things, but the only real quirky thing is Lazlo's obsession with stuff in boxes.

He can be completely uninterested in a toy. But if I put it inside of an empty kleenex box (we use the square shaped ones), he'll go nuts trying to get it out. The opening on those things is just the right size that he can get his paw in there - but unless it's a toy with a tail or something, he can't get it out right away. Sometimes for hours. I really shouldn't laugh at the poor boy's frustration! (It's just so darn cute!)

Oh - I guess Shelly has a quirky thing. He does not like being wet, but loves running water. As soon as he hears us pouring water into their petmate founting, he comes RUNNING. He tries to "catch" the water - like pulling it toward him with his paw - and then shakes his paw as soon as it gets wet. It is so funny, because he'll just keep trying. And he always tries to bury the water - by pawing the air right next to the fountain. It is so entertaining - we never get sick of watching him.

We tease him by running that "red dot" (the laser toy" into the water fountain. It's so mean of us! And I hate those toys, because there's nothing to "catch" - but in our small space, it is a GREAT way to get everyone to get some long hard running in each day.

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Oh - Shelly's a shredder! I don't know if that counts as a quirk - but if we don't put the paper towels in the microwave every night before we go to bed, we wake up with a kitchen full of "snow."

(Of course he'd never jump on the counter if we were around... he KNOWS he's not allowed up there. He just takes after his incorrigible daddy. Not that Gary shreds...LOL! Gary just never wants to play by the rules.... )
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Prudence:Goes tinkle outside w/dog

Wieland White Keys: Gets his whiskers all in a twist, he does this when he gets ticked off

Loki:He'll sit like a pretty kitty and JUST STARE AT U, it's so freaky, he'll do for hours w/o blinking

Sara:Screaming in morning for no reason other than to wake u, then be witchy:witch:

Cornflake:When u pass him by, he'll nip u, & he digs straws out of garbage, everytime, even if they're in bottom

Maple:Mousey fanactic, & funnier: I have a french door that is missing upper right window, she'll jump right up there to hangout then through when she wants to get in&out of bedroom:kitty5:

Licorse:Carries around duster, it's 3 times him

AND we can't forget the dog
Colby:When u come home she runs and gets her bone to show u, she gets SO proud of her "boners"
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Wait I changed Maples' quirk because we were just eating and she does this begging thing. She'll be sitting but bring her arms up together like she's praying and wave them up + down, I generally don't like to give in to begging BUT it's too much. Needless to say she got the chicken.:chicken:
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Ophelia likes to play with silk rose buds, but not just any color. She only likes the black rose buds, won't play with burgandy or blue or red. Do you know how hard it is to find BLACK rose buds???
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Opie likes to sit in the window and hiss, spit and growl at Pearl. He doesn't do this to Ike.

Rowdy wrestles with the dogs, as if she is one.

Buddy likes to pat us on the face. When one of us is on the "throne", Buddy sits on the vanity and pats. He snuggles next to Bill at night and pats his cheek.
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Max cannot stand to see an upright glass or bottle. If you leave your drink where he can get it, he will topple it on the floor. I have lost many a crystal glass this way. I'm always afraid he is going to cut himself, so I don't use glass glasses anymore. Also, you always have to put the cap on the bottle of pop or you will be cleaning the carpeting.
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Opie is not a morning purrson. He rarely gets up, in the morning. Today, he stayed on the couch and did not get up until 2:00 p.m.

Buddy is shaping up the same way. HE stayed in bed until 11:00. Must be a guy thing.
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