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Having Tundra and Tacoma neutered

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They are approx. 16 weeks now. Both are male brothers who have not ever been separated. We do not plan on getting anymore cats.
What is the recovery like for them? Do we do this to both at the same time? I was wondering what to expect.
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Two of my boys (litter mates) were neutered at right about 6 months old. They are now 10 months old. It was very mild for them. I got them done together. They were orphaned at a week old and never separated. Seemed the right thing for me as I did not want one trying to play while the other was trying to rest.

There were no stitches. One walked out of the carrier and was not bothered by being neutered. His brother was a bit slow and sluggish from the anesthesia. Next day, both were back to being rambunctious kittens.

Take care.
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PJ & Punky (now sharky's cats) had never been seperated. Both were neutered @ 5 months. The vet had to cage them together post-op as they were flipping out. Everything went fine for them otherwise.
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My Dads Cat was done yesterday and he is fine already. My Yoshi was fine when I got him after being fixed also.
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Sonic came home from his neuter, shot out of the carrier, and was up on top of the wardrobe within seconds, chasing a fly.

Boy cats have it very easy, you can see it's a little sore for them to sit down for a couple of days and the area looks a bit red and sore, but they don't even have stitches, only need to stay at the vet for as long as it takes for the sedation to wear off (a couple of hours after surgery), they don't need any special treatment afterwards other than to make sure the area is kept clean, using shredded newspaper rather than litter for a few days can help with this, as the litter can stick to them.

But really for most boy cats it is as if nothing has happened, it's a very minor procedure and the incision is tiny.
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Omelet was just done a few weeks ago. he actually took 3 days to recover, was in a lot of pain. Every cat is different. The surgery itself went perfect though.

I would get them both done at the same time, so they can recover together
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My kittens were both fixed last Tuesday. Bamf is a boy and Pixel is a girl. Bamf was less active than usual for a day or so after the surgery, and he cleaned himself a little more vigorously for a few days after. He was also more affectionate after I brought him home.

Basically, it was a breeze. They have both been great, and it seemed to be much easier on Bamf. I think getting boys neutered is typically very easy on the cat. Occasionally, you will have one like little Omelet, *Pepper*'s baby, who doesn't feel well for a few days after, but most of what I have read implies that they recover within a day or so.

It should be just fine to get them neutered together, and anywhere between 4 and 6 months should be fine. Sooner rather than later, in case they mature too much and start to spray.

They will do great!
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They should be fine if you are getting them done at the same time. Just be sure they don't bother each other around the stitches. Maybe let them have a day by themselves in separate rooms if they seem to want to wrestle too much.
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Thanks everyone. I feel a lot better. Having never owned cats before, I am a little nervous. I'll let you know how it goes.
Oh, about how much should I expect to pay?
Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by denham View Post
Thanks everyone. I feel a lot better. Having never owned cats before, I am a little nervous. I'll let you know how it goes.
Oh, about how much should I expect to pay?
Thanks again.
Where are you, not an exact location, but general part of the world will help?

I am in London, England - very expensive vets around here and my one normal neuter* for Sonic cost around £50 but if you are outside of London it will be more like £30-£40, if you are on low income then there are cat charities that can help, and if you are outside of the UK I cannot help with an estimate or advice on how to get it done low cost, but I know UK vets are very expensive compared to the US!

*My Radar had neuter and umbilical hernia repair at the same time, it cost a small fortune and he had stitches up the middle of his abdomen like they'd put a zip in him so I don't know what a normal neuter would have cost for him because he had a whole load of surgery in one go.
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So glad to hear your babies are doing so well - they're the ones that you adopted rather unexpectedly, right? And they're named for Toyota vehicles? Your vet's office can give you the ball park figures for the surgery (maybe figure a bit extra for pain meds for home, although you may not need them at all). Boys tend to be less expensive than girls, since the ladies need more extensive surgery.

Also, if money is tight, you might check with your local humane society or PAWS group - they often offer low-cost neutering, but you may spend a weekday going to and from the location.

I've read that the youngsters recover, in general, far more quickly and easily from neutering than when it's done at an older age. Lots of vets prefer pediatric neutering now.

And, yeah, you'll be a nervous wreck until you get them back and they're jumping all over the place - but it's a great thing you're doing. Bless you and your family for providing such a fine home to these boys.
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My Dads cat was fixed this week and he paid 40. When my Yoshi was done in 2002 I paid 86 at the vets. My Dads cat was fine the same day and my Yoshi was fine.
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Price depends on who you go to. I went through a low cost place and it was $50 with shots. My vet wanted a little over $120 (without shots)
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