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Originally Posted by silvionc View Post
You can see naked girls everywhere now-a-days.

Internet: I actually sent him the Linsday Lohan boobie pictures in that New York magazine because he didn’t believe they were so huge LOL.

TV: We watch a lot of the Arts network, Friday nights we watch Fridays without borders which has tons of nudity.

Movies: We watch every R rated movie that comes out. Almost every R rated comedy or horror flicks has naked chicks.

Email: If I get perverted email joke ill send them, I know he gets some too.

Like i said as well Parties that go crazy. If i girl is out to have a good time and is showing her goods i dont mind if he is looking. I know somegirls that have tatoo's or odd piercing that just show people.

There are lots of places to see naked girls =)

Oh i forgot to add Toronto you can be topless. We go to TO a lot and see this. I dont know if its still a law. I do however know that most the festivals have topless chicks walking around.

Actually now that i am thinking about it there are lots of places too see naked girls! I wont write a novel though.
LOL! Alrighty then! I haven't been to parties that go that crazy in a long time... not saying how long Titties, yes though - seen lots of those.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
IMO if you are in a strong relationship and have trust and love between you then an occasional look at the opposite sex is not bad or wrong.

Now if the person is staring a lot (more then just a glance or two) or drooling over the girl/ may have a problem

Its normal to look at the opposite sex; doesn't mean you will be jumping in bed with them. If its interfering with your relationship, then its time to address the issue. Nothing worse then a "jealous partner"

My mom used to tell my dad "you can look, but don't touch" I tell DH that if a pretty girl walks by and he doesn't look, I'd think he was dead....he knows who he loves and goes home with
This is my mindset, exactly!
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My Mum always said "When he stops looking, I'll be buying him a box". She never got to do that, because she passed away just before their fiftieth wedding anniversary. And Dad was flirting with the girls 20 minutes before he died himself.

I have no problem with my sweetie enjoying the scenery. I know where he sleeps.
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Well, there's looking and then there's LOOKING. I don't mind him looking at other women. I don't mind him commenting that he thinks another woman is attractive. I do mind him ogling or flirting with other women in front of me, though.
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Wow, Im really surprised everyone is so ok with it! Makes me feel better though, my (hot) neighbor whistles at me every so often and I always felt bad thinking "gosh, his wife would feel so bad if she knew!"
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
No, I do it too. Nothin wrong with lookin.
Same here. In fact I'm the one who points the girl out sometimes
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Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post
. In fact I'm the one who points the girl out sometimes
HAHA me too! I am usually the first to comment on a girl's looks. DH and I have the same taste, lol.
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My s/o's a big flirt, but it doesn't bother me b/c I know I can trust him.

The only time I ever was insecure over something like that was with my ex-husband b/c I was told that he was cheating; so I didn't trust him and was always wary of him looking at other women. I later found out that those rumors were true..
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I wouldn't be angry if my husband looked. Flirting would be a whole different issue, though. I don't see a reason for that. He doesn't do either though.

I admit to looking, but don't flirt. We love each other deeply and trust each other completely. We are both secure in our relationship. I think flirting would be disrespectful to each other. We consider our marriage sacred.
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I used to get very upset, for good reason. The guy I married was a pathologic and serial cheater. If he looked, he usually went there. It is the reason he is now my ex. I have NO tolerance for cheaters...none. I'm not in a relationship right now, but I understand the difference between a casual glance, and serious trouble!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I'm not a big fan of it..I think its disrespectful to obviously check out the opposite sex with your spouse present.
I agree. Sometimes if I notice a girl or whatever that either has ridiculously huge boobs, dressed trashy, or something, I'll be like "Whoa, look at that". But I think it's disrespectful to oogle a member of the opposite sex right in front of your SO.

I've never noticed Rob really checking out any other women when we're out (I've checked to see ). Usually I'll end up pointing someone out that I notice when they pass. I don't really notice guys anymore either when we're out, I guess because I'm not looking for anyone anymore.

I have told him "no strip clubs" though. What a waste of money. He went once when he was 18, got his lapdance experience, and said he cant remember much of it because it wasn't all that great. His boss tries to get him to go to the clubs with him (that guy hates his wife and supposedly cheats on her with some of N. Charleston's "finest" hookers). He always tells his boss no, he's not interested. He's always told me he's never been interested in going back anyway, not just because I don't want him to. The neighbor always bugs him to go too, and says that I'll drive them. Um no. There was one time when I first moved in with him about 6 months into dating, and I said he could go to the Southern Belle (strip joint he'd gone to before) for a friend's going away party. I'd have gone with, but I wasn't saying no. He told all his friends I said he couldn't. Then in the car he's like "I didn't really want to go, but I said you didn't want me to so they didn't make fun of me".
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