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Squirt's is definitely black olives. I think Joey's is anything!
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Black Olives!!! I forgot black olives...I LOVE black olives! Me and your cat would get along great!! (might be a fight over an olive now and then, though)
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Well I was once married to a man that expected a hot meal when he returned but I was not allowed to eat till he was dont! I weighed 87 lbs!! Needless to say I am with him no longer!
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oh and I agree with Mr Cat!! (well at least I do now) I understand how it feels to be in a dominating relationship!
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If you don't mind waiting until Squirt has rolled all over them for 10 or 15 minutes, I'm sure he'd be happy to share! In the meantime, I'll snack on green olives. He doesn't like those.
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I really love strawberries. But what is it about the smell that cats don't like? yesterday, I was washing some strawberries because I am making a fruit salad and when Jake sniffed the strawberries, he kind of stepped back. By the way, the guy who I was married to is accustomed to have women cook for him(mexican culture). There is alot of machismo in Mexico still, especially in some parts of the country. Men go to work and women stay home cleaning, cooking, and raising kids. When the men(husbands, fathers, brothers) come home, they sit at the table and the women serve them their food, then the women can eat themselves. My husband was raised like that. I wasn't
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If my husband expected a hot meal everyday when he got home he would starve! I don't cook. My husband was on disability for 8 months and it was great he cooked everynight!
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Well, I don't mind fixing the hot meal for my hubby every night...(except when I'm REALLY tired) 'cause I love to cook...but if he thinks I'm going to sit and wait for him to finish before I start....hahahahahaha. Never!

Deb...I think I may have to pass on those rolled over black olives....maybe I'll settle for some green ones with you!!!! (you don't roll on them do you?)
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LOL, no Debby! The funny thing is that black olives are a real treat for Squirt. They affect him like catnip or something. He rolls all over them and goes nuts. My ex-boyfriend used to always order them on his half of the pizza. That's how Squirt developed his "fetish" for them. Now since we don't order pizza together anymore, I have to keep a lookout for black olives. If I get them on a salad in a restaurant, for example, I put them in a napkin and take them home. People think I am a bit odd, but if you're not a cat lover, you just don't get it. These are the same people who think nothing of wrapping up a bone for their dogs.
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I knew a young lady, once upon a time, who was highly intelligent and dynamic. Well, she ended up marrying a guy who brought his own built-in family (two kids) with him. Anyway, we three grown-ups were friends — for a while, anyway.

Which brings me to the topic of cooking, food and mealtimes. As I was an occasional guest at the home of those mentioned above, I noticed a big change at my friend Debby's (that's right) dinner table: no talking. She'd always been a font of interesting conversation at supper, but after "I do!" it was all eating and no talking.

Prince Charming would sternly announce, whenever either of his kids said something, "NO TALKING! JUST EAT! THE DINNER TABLE IS FOR EATING, NOT TALKING!" Well, of course, nobody spoke — neither adults nor children. I found this scenario to be ignorant, impolite and rude; but Debby acted as if such behavior was perfectly all right.

So, what's with this "No talking at dinner!" jive? Like, isn't that one of the major reasons to have one's family gathered around a table? For the life of me, I can't fathom a mind which rejects communication — especially at mealtimes. And I don't understand either how or why a perfectly intelligent person would go along with such a heavy-handed and inhumane tactic.

I brought the matter up with Debby one day. Guess what? No more invitations to their home! Where, oh where, do these gals find these guys? And why?

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Conversation belongs at the dinner table, even if just to prolong the time when I've got to get up and clean the kitchen!

By the way, when I saw your post, I thought (sadly) that you had retired that cute orange kitty who turns his head. Glad to see him as your avatar.
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Yes, thankfully I'd two sizes of the "cat lie down" GIF. So, the smaller one fit nicely with this web site's avatar requirements! I'm still thinking on the matter of what graphic to use in my signature block, so for now it'll be the two love-cats gazing at the moon. I tried a montage of four GIFs, depicting the city at night, but the unreliability of my storage site (Virtue.Nu) killed that idea.

After all this food talk, perhaps somebody had better ask a new question. I can't think of one right off hand.

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Hmmmm, have to add my two cents worth in here....LOL

that is SO sad about your friend Debby, because if I couldn't talk during my meal I would go nuts!!!! And it is sad that just because you voiced your concern you haven't been invited back. Their loss.

And Deb...how sweet you bring home the olives for your babies!!!! You are such a doll! I'm afraid I would be selfish and eat them!! :laughing:
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Oh I forgot to add, since this is the comfort food thread...I have just a couple more I thought of...

Chocolate covered cherries
State Fair corn dogs
cheese....on anything!
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Cheese, definitely.

I also have this age-old secret wish to just eat my way through the midway at the State Fair.
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Have you ever had cheese-on-a-stick? A big hunk cheese speared on a corn dog stick, dipped in batter, and fried golden brown? It's just heaven. Is it just a Minnesota thing? I hope not.

There's also walleye-on-a-stick. I'm pretty sure that's a Minnesota thing. If this delicious and practical idea has spread to other states, I'd love to know.
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My fav food...there are just too many to choose from....I luurrvveee spicy food. I keep getting major cravings for stong cheese, like danish blue and rocquefort.....yummmmmmmmm I also like odd thinks like roll mops (raw pickled herrings) I know sounds gross but they are yummie!
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Mealtime is the time we and our children share our day and get close with each other. In our fast-paced world, that seems to be the only time we can all be together and at our house it was a must to be at the dinner table. Even if our daughter said she wasn't hungry or didn't want to eat, she had to sit at the table with us and contribute to the conversation.

Now at 21 years of age, she is really close to my husband and me. (I know, I know, you think I should say "my husband and I" - not so.)

Anyway, those folks are missing a lot of what is going on in their children's lives by not talking during mealtimes.

My 2 cents for what it's worth.

Favourite Food - Home made chocolate pie!
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Simba's Mom,

I couldn't agree with you more. Eating together as a family everyday is a must. it was just about the only time we all were together to hear what everyone was doing, what with different sports practises, then jobs etc.Everyone coming & going. So eating together helped us stay close.
Now having homemade pizza (garbage pizza), that's with everything on it under the sun really got them to the table fast!
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