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Well, I survived!

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Well, I survived! I now have 4 hours towards my nursing license for next year!!

They didn't even get through all of the training. We were told we would be done by 4:30pm, so I booked my ride to pick me up then, and the other 2 girls also had arrangements for 4:30pm. So they have to carry some of the training over to Tuesday.

It was a bit disorganized. The lap top computer that I was given to use had a bad network card and wouldn't work, so I had to take notes and share a computer with someone else so I didn't get much hands on with the program. And they were honing the program while they were training us and as we got to a page that they were going to show us how to enter the data, they ended up in discussions between themselves as to what needed to be in the drop down menues or greyed out etc. etc. etc. It's not very organized.

On Tuesday I go for a hospital orientation where I'm given an ID card, have to sign some confidentiality agreements, given a locker etc. And they are reimbursing us for our transportation costs be it parking or transit fare. After that we will finish up the training and then get down to the transcribing of the research data.
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Linda i'm glad you survived the day ok! Good luck on Tuesday
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Yay! Good luck to you hun.
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Yay congrats on your first day back
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Congratulations on your first day!
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Yay! I'm glad you made it through your first day!
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Congrats!! For a 1st day did it seem to be okay?? Hoping the training goes better on Tuesday for you.
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Congrats, and good luck
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It felt so good to be back in the swing of things, even though it's not my usual job yet, I actually felt productive. I've missed that feeling.
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YES! I so understand. Congratulations, hon!
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congrats my friend i'm glad your 4 hours went well.....except for the computer..hopefully they get sorted out for next week's training. :-)
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Well done, and good luck for Tuesday!
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