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Newly Adopted Kitten

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This isn't my kitten (I wish!). It's Henry (Hank). My SO's sister adopted him from the humane society. She's had him a few weeks now and they said that when she adopted him he was 12 weeks which would make him about 14 now. He is TINY though, I don't think he was really 12 weeks when she brought him home. I don't remember Chloe being that small. Henry was in a foster home and he loves to knead . He has some eye issues but is otherwise healthy. I'm pretty sure that he is going to be an indoor/outdoor cat ( ) but at least he has a nice home. The shelter is so overrun with kittens right now, not to mention adult and senior cats.

His coloring is unique. It's black and then there are longer grey/white pieces. What's that called? The shelter called him a domestic short hair but I think he'll be medium haired. I think she was hoping for a long haired cat but it's always such a gamble when you have kittens that young.

He's such a cute little kitty and he's great around dogs and kids. I had forgotten how hard it is to get pictures of kittens!

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I don't know about his coloring, but he sure is cute. I love his eyes, they are a lovely dark gold color!

that he will be indoor/outdoor. Outside is so dangerous!

But... He is pretty cute. Thanks for sharing!
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Awwww Bless What a little sweetie!!!
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I that age! It goes so fast! Enjoy and take lots of'll want to see what a change he makes over time.
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He's such a weenie cutie I hope you'll be able to get some growing up shots. He's gonna be such a handsome adult in a year's time
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What a cute little weenie
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So cute! I love his tail!
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I think he will be very handsome medium haired cat His color may change as he grows. I would totally steal him
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He's a cutie!
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