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Cat wont stop meowing...

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Hi my 1 year old cat recently has been wanting to go outside a lot. He's an indoor cat and he is declawed (previous owner, i picked him up from the humane society) so i dont want to let him go. Anyways in the morning at around 6 he constantly meows. Its not a little meowing its a lot of deep crying meowing, he really wants to go outside. And he simply doesnt stop, he literally meows for like 2 hours straight until i cant stand it anymore. I still dont let him out but if i wake up and play with him a little or feed him he'll stop. He never used to be like this before he ran away once.

Anyways does anyone know how i can stop the meowing? Ive tried locking him in a small bathroom where his litterbox is and he still meows but i cant hear it as much. I need advice because I have not been sleeping well for the past few days.
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Maybe he's meowing for attention?
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Do you know if he is neutered? If he is not he might be looking to get out to find a female.
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he's neutered and i dont think its for attention because he was fine for the first couple of months and recently we accidently left the door open and he ran off and went outside for a little while. after that it seems like he's been wanting to go out. and he usually stands by the patio screen meowing. he also tries to run out everytime you open the door.

seriously, its like hes meowing day and night he never stops, i have no clue how he can do it.
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But you said that he stopped if you played with him or fed him. That sounds like he's vocalizing for attention and/or because he is hungry. I know that if my guy was meowing to go out, NOTHING would deter him from that goal, so playing with him or feeding him would not work. However, if he wants my attention, and I ignore him, he never gives up until I play with him. My point is that anything that stops his vocalizing suggests that was what he wanted.
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unfortunately, he may be like JC, who wants to live outside. And I don't mean just hang out outside, I mean the "Jeremiah Johnston" lifestyle. JC got out over a year ago, and was happily living in the wilderness almost a mile from home, for almost a week - by a miracle he was hunting by a creek in the dusk, and we saw the glowing eyes look up at our headlights & lo and behold! it was JC!!!
We've added a large dog kennel that is accessed from the window, but that's not enough for JC. Then I added dusk-time, am and pm (cats are crepuscular) walks on the leash plus a large stroller ride around town, for extra mental stimulation, which was great for about a month, but once again, the meowing is starting up!! Is it hormones in the food or what??? JC is over 4 years old
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the thing is though when im downstairs and he starts meowing hes meowing by the patio screen so its obvious he wants to go outside. i think petting him and playign with him is just kind of distracting him.
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Zane has taken to yowling for no apparent reason. I've tried paying attention to him when he does that but he bites me when I do that.

The Vet says that there's nothing physically wrong with him. Apparently there is a short circuit in whatever the feline equivalent of a brain may be.
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