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One big happy family...

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Well up until this point I had only posted in the pregnant cat and kitten care section but wanted to say hi and share pictures of my sweeties!

Patches - My GROUCHY 12 year old ruler of the home

Buttons (left) and Ziggers (Right) - Mom & Dad of babies below..

Babies born on July 12,2008

Tiger Boy

Lily Girl - She is much easier to take pictures of..loves it!

my babies today..of course found them sleeping on the bed when I was trying to make it!!

And thats my babies!!
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Very pretty family The kitties are really getting to that adorable stage aren't they?
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They sure are! I cant believe how fast they grow. I love watching them play and sounds like a couple galloping horses running thru the house!
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what a gorgeous fur family!!! Lily and Tiger are beyond adorable!!!!!
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I have seen some of the pics because I hang out up on the same board but I missed the newer ones. They are growing into gorgeous kitties.
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Awww! Very interesting that you got a lynx colorpoint kitten out of a tortie and a tabby. I love colorpoints, so of COURSE I think she is a total doll. Her brother is adorable, too! She looks like she is seal lynx point, like my little Pixel, because of the color of the fur above her nose (it's the same as Pixel's).

It looks like his eyes are turning a pretty shade of green! Her eyes should stay blue. They are both going to be lovely long haired cats!

Thanks for sharing them!
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They are so darling!
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Aww thanks all! Yes I was totally shocked to see the little white kitten come out!! When she was born she was pure white ( I actually thought she was orange before she dried). I have no knowledge of breeds and colors but it completely floored me that they produced a white kitten. I had someone explain to me in a post in the kitten care section and i understand it a bit more now...but I love the reaction she gets from visitors who can see what mom and dad look like and wonder where the heck she came from? lol

I notice as Lily grows she gets more distinct patterns on her face. I almost looks like she is wearing a little mask around her eyes and has "stripes" on the sides of her face thin enough to look like perfectly placed whiskers. Im looking forward to watching her change over time.

Tiger is changing quite a bit as well. His daddy has alot of orange in his undercoat and and has alot of orange around his face and neck and I notice that is starting to show up in the little guy.

Needless to say, we dont get much sleep around here cause of course night time is play time and these 2 have the run of the house and they love to wake us up every couple hours by licking our face -expecially the forehead lol
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SO Cute
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Your family is so gorgeous!!
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A wonderful fur family!
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Oh your babies are gorgeous..
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