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blockage questions..

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How do you know if your cat is blocked and can't pee? Pepe went into the litter earlier and it looked like he was going to pee and didn't but he could of been trying to poop since he is having trouble with his stomach..i'm confused..

What are some of the symptoms since all I know is about that 1 time and I don't know if he's peed since I worked all day yesterday and didnt get home until it was time for bed :|

can someone help me out please?
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Keep in mind I'm a panicky mommy, but if I have a question about my cat not peeing, I call the vet asap (or e-vet if it's after hours). If you're not seeing anything in the box, and you're not seeing pee anywhere else, it's time to call the vet right now - they'll probably get you in very quickly, since, especially with males, you might have an emergency on your hands. Hope not, but please call your vet for counsel.
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I did that she said to just keep an eye on him for the rest of the day :| he's eating,drinking and playing like normal and his bladder doesn't seem to be hard or sticking out it's the same size as my other cat
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I have lost male cats to blockages before. I also have a female that has bladder problems. Sometimes when she has the problem the only sign is her squating and trying to go. I would have got him a test to see if he is ok. If we had not waited a extra with frisky he would not have died. Your cat can have a problem and not be blcoked also.
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We didn't know there was a problem with Pumpkin until his stomach was twice the size that it normally is and he was growling and yowling. Thankfully the vet saw him right away and discovered the crystals and did surgery to remove them. We came close to loosing him, his kidneys went into full failure and he had to be put on dialysis. He is doing great today *knock on wood* and is on a Rx diet. No OTC foods for him.
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how much does it cost to get him you guys have a rough idea?
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My Vet is a little high so it might be cheaper there. Visit was 46 and the test was. Urine test was 48. There are two types of tests. Coco has had the expensive test also. Anything else you need to know?
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My regular vet charges about $25 for an office visit, maybe 15-20 for urinalysis, and I think the bladder ultrasound i had done was maybe $35-45. E-vet would probably be around $100 for the initial exam (well, you pay for the hours and resources). But, if your baby doesn't start peeing and your vet suggests coming in, please, for his sake, don't hesitate to get to your vet - he might be in a lot of pain, and males have died from blockages in very short periods of time. Hopefully it's nothing - although you might want to check around to seeing if he's just peeing outside the box.

Your vet's office will probably give you a ballpark number if you call and ask. Mine has, when I asked about dental cleanings and that darn ultrasound.
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My Vet was nice and didnt charge for Cocos last Ultrasound. The last time Coco had the problem we went to Er and the visit alone was 134 and Urine Test was 40. Antibiotic was 35. I would not wait to go because your cat is a male and he can die if he is blocked. I knew Coco would not block because she is a girl but seeing her squat an cry I the pan all night made me go to the Er instead of waiting. Frisky was only1 whe he blocked and died and Bogart was amost 3 when he blocked and died also. Her Ultrasounds cost 75 but its worth it. Her son has had the male problems also and we once drove to hours to get him to Er.
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With Charlie, we noticed him going in and out of the litter box several times within 15/20 mins. I went over to see if there was anything in the litter pan - nope. So I knew he wanted to go and couldn't (he's a good water drinker too).

I was worried all night. Called the vet (it was a Sunday nite) and they told me to get him in to the vet's first thing in the morning. DH took him up at 8am - they found he was not blocked completely, but had I waited it would have been worse.

He's now on Royal Canin for Urinary and doing well. He also got antibotics (fun fun) to give for 14 days.

If there is little wet spots in the pan, get him in fast. A blocked male will die in a few days if he cannot pee.
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