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Grace Gracen

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Ok, I have a few questions that some of them might just be weird.

1) Why does grace gracen scratch as if he is trying to barry his food? He scratchs the same way he does in the litter box. He will put whatever he can on top of it and barry it under random things. He does the same thing to his litter box. He will put towels on top of his litter box or inside of it. I have been wondering if he has been inside to much. When I found in back in october 2007 he was a little astranged to the appartment. Is there not enough change for him? Does he not like the food? This is something really new with him.

2) Is it normal for me to completely understand him? I can carry out what I call basic lanauge converstaions with him. He doesn't really say much, but what I can translate from his cues and oddly sounding meows and eye movements is basic things like bird window loud sound door. Is that normal? I mean I don't even have to try to really focus on it.

3) His catnaps are more like a 3 hour nap, then he goes crazy for about an 5 hours. For example of crazyness. He attacks the wall, then the couch then the other couch then the other wall then the telly, then me, then missy, then the window then the coffee table, then me, then the wall, then the other wall. Not to mintion he runs around the appartment like three times when doing all of this. This takes him less than a min. He is almost a year old now, and I thought this kind of behavior stops about this time.

4) Why is it that he keeps the litter box nice and tighty, but rips bags appart and spreds the contents around when i am at work? He will pull the trash bag, even when tied down, out of the trash can and tare them appart. It's almost like he's an artist making trash art in my living/dining/kitten.

5) Is it normal for a cat to smile about 83% of the time? I mean, he has a constant plastered smile on his face. I know he is a happy cat when I am around, but I thought cats didn't smile. I have seen him frown before too. Is he around me to much?

6) Punishments are getting weird, any suggestions. He has the bag fitish going. He tares into any kind of bag for fun. Well, I am trying to teach him not to taer into the trash bags. I started with spraying him with water. He saw it as a challenge and did it more. Then I strayed him with the air freshener. That worked for about 3 times. He didn't like the sound. Then he hide it and became use to it. I have done the commanding voice, and it gets him excited. I have been using a diffrent voice to warn him, and I say Mr. Grace. When I say it he runs fast. He hates it, but I know that will ware out soon. I did what my sister told me to do. I locked him in the bathroom. He begs and it makes me want to cry. It seems to work, but he will get use to it soon also. My sister (Who has raised about 70 cats in her life and all of them were well behaved and extremly health, the rednecks shot most of them...) has told me the best way to brake him of doing bad things is to put him into a blacket and hold him in the air. One with holes of course. I don't want to do that, so is there any other suggestions?

7) Is it normal for a cat to respond to a question like this. I asked where is my vitem bottle. He walked stright to it and rolled it to me.

I know it's a lot of stuff to read, but I have some really weird questions. My family has always been the family to find the most unatural cats. Like my mom had a cat for 23 years. When it died it woke my brother up because she slept on top of him and meow, coughed, purred, coughed, purred, coughed, purred, died on top of him. Not normal for cats... so, I think I have found one of the most oddest cats I have ever seen. He is a basic grey/black/white tabby cat.

Thanks for reading and responding.
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Everything you are asking about is very normal, he is a typical normal healthy cat it seems in every respect. He's very active, he likes to shred paper and bags, he covers his food if he doesn't like it or is full. My cat does all these things. If he's getting into things that he shouldn't be, keep these things out of the way of him, cat proof like you would baby proof, it is very normal to understand what your cat is feeling or what he wants. The punishment part, I'm sorry I don't agree with. The only time that you should spray a cat and thats if he's trying to attack delibrately to hurt someone, or another cat. Air freshner is not the way to go, you could hurt him with that, I definitely don't agree with your wrapping him in a blanket and holding him in the air. Keep the trash bags out of his way, and just let him be a cat.
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Air freshner??? Yikes! You could poison the poor thing. No more air freshner!
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Thanks, The only thing is, is that he's more hyper than a normal cat/kitten. I guess that is because of his gentics and being a wild cat before I found him in the freezing rain.

I asked around and talked to a vet tech. People around where I live have been having the same problems with thier cats. Even with thier ragumuffens (sp?). Abnormally hyper, barring things, hunting for food in just about any place they can find and then barring it, preserving thier favorite toys, and so on and so forth. The vet tech lady said that it is normal for cats to do such things before a big freeze occurs and this is normal behavior for the fall time for most animals. Well, fall is still like a month away... I live in South Carolina USA. When it snows we don't get snow, we get sheets of ice falling from the sky. So, according to her, my area is about to go through a big freeze.
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