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Just poking my head in to say hi.

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I'm a new member. Have a few kitties I'm sure you'll get to know over time, and I *am* the local rescue. We've placed 200 cats in the past few years, spayed, neutered, healthy, vaccinated, to indoor homes with contracts. My vet loves us.

The cats come from the local trash dumps. People throw them away like so much garbage when they're tired of them. It's truly a sad situation, and recently I've been involved with writting articles for the local papers, taking photos, and working with Animal Control and Law enforcment.

Also have dogs, a bunny, a bird, a rat, a husband and two little boys.

As I said, as I post, I'm sure you'll learn more than you ever wanted to.
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I want everyone to give a big welcome to my friend here, I've been trying to get her to come here for ages! lol.

She's a real sweety and a big solo contribution to animal rescue.

Some of you might remember her from the Acme boards, she's an "old timer" so to speak!

Welcome Becky!!
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Welcome Becky!

This is a great place to enhance kitty care knowledge.

Everyday is a learning process.....

Take care and thanks for helping the needy kitties!

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Don't ask why I'm posting herw while I'm chatting with you. I may be a sweetie but I'm also insane.
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Hi Becky!

Welcome to TCS

I moved your post to the new cats forum!

post often!
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Welcome to The Cat Site!
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Becky.. it is all good...

i feel that everyone has a tad of innate insanity.. for me, it happens ONCE a month!!

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Wow - Becky, it's a great honour to have someone so dedicated to cat welfare amongst us - big cheers for all the work you're dong!!!

I for one would be really interested to hear about both the good and bad aspects of what you do. I do voluntary work for a national cat charity in the UK, but although the funds are plentiful there is a real lack of inertia in 'getting things done' and it would be great to learn how you are singlehandedly altering the fate of so many poor kitties in your area.

Oh, and by the way . . . WELCOME!!!!!!
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Welcome to the site Becky! I concur with Yola, it is great to hear of one person making such an impact in so many kitties' lives.
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In truth it's been mostly good. Its extremely rewarding and in all honestly if I could walk away from a cat left to fend for itself among garbage dumpsters I wouldn't be very happy with myself. It *is* rewarding, and I *Do* enjoy it, but the 'pay back' isn't very tangible.

The 'bad' is easier to articulate. Lack of money, lack of time, lack of space, frustration at the ones I CAN'T get to in time. The general ignorance of the public.

I've found it easier, as time goes, to place the animals. I learned quickly what the area could *afford*. No it's not a huge ammount of money, but it's a poor area. Hence, charging 25.00 (which covers most of a spay/neutere here if that tells you anything) helps. I will always have a higher fee for kittens, and a lower one for senior animals. If it's a senior animal and a senior home it's free, bt I still do the home check.

Single handed? I think not. * G*. My wonderful husband spends far more time in dumpsters than he'd like, and he's helpful.

The initative, getting people to CARE is the hardest part, and it's something I'm struggling with. Pictures, stories, articles-- they help. It's all about making people see an individual animal, rather than a number in an endless sea of homeless animals. I talk to people, I pester people. I pay OTHER people's vet bills. Hence I am perpetually broke.

I do rescue dogs as well, by the way, but fortuntely that is not so common an occurance.

I really don't think I've told you anything useful, except it's heartbreaking and heartwarming and there are times I wish to GOD I could stop. I'm not a saint here (Grin) i get frustrated and sad and overwhelmed and somtimes I just want to have MY pets and MY family and forget the rest.

But It won't happen and I know it. I just CAN"T turn away without doing as much as I can.

And I really really loathe kitten season.l
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Hi Becky - just wanted to welcome you aboard. Sounds like you have a wealth of information. Hope you enjoy your time here!
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Welcome to the board! I am sure you will make a great asset to this board with the knowledge you have already!
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Hi!! Welcome to the boards!
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