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Ladi NyghtShade

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I am just curious... Can a cat choose to NOT get along with other animals? My 4 year old NyghShade just moved to Louisiana with me. We are staying in a house with 2 large dogs, one small dog (She's been seen laying with the small one), and one cat. The cat has never been around cats since it was a young kitten.

NyghtShade spends her days hiding in our bedroom with the door open so she can leave. She freaks out when ever she gets into the kitchen where the dogs can go. The other cat seems to hate her, and she seems to hate it. We've tried putting their smells on towels, socks, and putting htem where the other animals are to get used to each other. We've tried slowly allowing them to see each other, from a distance where neither of the animals felt any kind of threat. I think Shade is just terrified of the big dogs and won't give them a chance. As for the other cat... I don't know. Shade has always been around other cats. But when I brought her here, I left her mom(7 yr old tortie, MyRage) , and my 10 year old calico(Mystyc) there.

I feel really bad cuz being in a room all day by herself is no way to live. Do I take away her food and water to make her venture out to the kitchen for it?

Thank you for any advice. or anything.

Be safe.
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Yes, and making her come to the kitchen will not work. Some cats take longer to adjust; but you have to give her a safe place till she decides to accept the other animals - including feeding her where she feels safe.

Now you might entice her to come out little by little by offering treats in the kitchen (like chicken bites).
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