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Feeding a Cat and a Kitten...

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So, Sir Pants is over a year now. He ate Nutro Indoor Kitten dry, with a mix of wet foods, for his first year and was healthy and happy.

Just before I trapped Sgt. Carl Squirrel, I had begun to switch him over to the Nutro Adult formula. It's not much different from the kitten stuff, so I figured he'd do well on it. I also continued to feed the same variety of wet.

Now that the Carl is with us, I've got him on the Nutro Kitten stuff, along with a variety of wet. He's doing really well on it, also.

Unfortunately, Pants much prefers the kitten food to the adult. All varieties of kitten food, including the wet. He started eating out of Carl's bowl, where I free-feed him dry kitten food. I tried mixing a little bit of the kitten stuff into his dish, but he'll literally eat around the adult food.

When I started switching him to the adult formula, his stools got a bit soft. I thought I'd give it a little while to see if his system just needed to adjust, but they're still soft.... even though he's basically back on the kitten food. There were no previous problems with it.

I try to get the "all-stages" wet food, and there are certain brands that they'll both eat (Blue Spa being one). Pants has always been extremely picky about wet food, and he, again, prefers the Nutro kitten-specific wets to any other. Of course.

I'm not sure how to feed these guys. Carl needs the kitten stuff free-fed, especially since he began his days neglected and malnourished and still needs to catch up in weight (though he's definitely getting there, haha). I don't want Pants to get obese or have these poopy issues.

Anybody have any ideas for a good adult food that I can try? I'm not so concerned about Carl eating the adult stuff... he'll eat anything, and he definitely eats his kitten food, also. I just want something that will be appetizing enough for Pants to (mostly... I have no delusions ) leave the kitten stuff alone. And have a healthy digestive system.

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discuss with your vet but overall calorie wise the adult and kitten are about 5% different ... I feed Zoey the kitten till she was four yrs as she reacted to the adult ...the kitten has more protein and fat but only 2% of each just meaning it is lower in carbs ...
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