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Daily Thread Thurs August 28th!

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Welp, Josh comes tomorrow. Today is basically my last real day at work. I am just finishing up all my work today.

After work there is a going away party at my bosses place..so that should be fun.

Not much else going on...things are really coming quick...OMG I am moving in 2 days!!!!
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Morning All!!!!

Good Luck with the Move hopefully everything will proceed smoothly

Looks like we are in for more rain here, but heck why not we have a long weekend coming up...

I have to work all weekend but will be off for holiday Monday..

Heading off to work shortly, starting the usual badger the department heads to have their month ends in on time. As I have said before most are good but there are a couple who have every excuse in the book for not having their work done on time...

After work I have some banking, and shopping to do..Then it's just home for a quiet night in front of the TV. I have a couple of DVD's of the comedian John Pinette I want to watch..He is so funny..

The kitties are good, Pixie and Linus are chasing each other around the house and Sassy is watching from the top of the bookshelf..

Everyone have a great day
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I couldn't sleep last night..seriously, not one bit. Have fed my family and am now debating getting out to the beach to enjoy the first hint of sun we've had in days before the storms set back in this afternoon or just going back to bed to try and try to get some sleep, any sleep.......
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I am in Oregon and hubby and I have to leave soon. I don't want to go back to Ohio
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