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Mum gave birth 2 and a half weeks ago and for the past few days she has been having occasional diarrhea that just seems to drop out (sorry tmi). She may be walking along or just sitting there and it seems to drip out of her. It looks like she is also doing solid poos from what I have seen in her litter box, but this 'dripping' just seems to come and she's totally unaware that it's happening.

Can anyone give me any advice as to what I can do - should I try boiling some chicken and rice and giving her that before taking her to the vets? Any idea as to what this could be/causing this? I haven't changed what I am feeding her, she has been on high quality (high protein etc..) dry food since a few weeks before she had the kittens and I have kept to the same make so it's a bit of a mystery.