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New toys! Thanks Momofmany! (cuteness warning)

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Here, as promised, are the photos (plus bonus videos!) of my kitties with our new toys from Momofmany. We bought them to help support hissy during a really hard time that her family is going through. Check out this thread for more info!

Wut... is this thing?

Aiiieee, I must kill it!

Whew. I think it's dead now.

Haha, mine! Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!

This smell is relevant to my interests.

OHMYGAWD, it moved!

Where it go?

Stoooole it!

Um, no dad. I am tired of that thing.

Well, okay, maybe.

Here are the videos! You might want to turn down your sound because the air conditioning was on and it is very loud, just like a hum through the whole thing. They are about 30 seconds long.

Pixel plays with Catnip Ball and Catnip Buddy!

Pixel fights the Catnip Buddy! You can hear me giggle in this one.

Also, two bonus snuggle photos, and my kittens rarely snuggle:

We has a luv.

We has a DH!

Hope you enjoy!
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Aw, those were cute! Pixel was definitely 'nipped out!
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What total cuties!

They are such pwetty kitties!
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Can I ask what breed are they? They are absolouty stunning
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So cute!! They love their new toys.
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Originally Posted by gothic~mermaid View Post
Can I ask what breed are they? They are absolouty stunning
They are both Siamese. Pixel (the paler one with stripes) is a seal lynx point and Bamf is a seal point. They are traditional, or applehead Siamese, so they don't have the very narrow Oriental body type and their fur is not as short. I think they are great!

Also, thanks Sakura and Kluchetta!
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So glad they like the toys! I can't wait to get mine.

Cute cats and cute pics. I love Pixel's colouring.
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They are adorable!
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oh my how they grow!! I just looooooooove your babies
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First of all, I'm so glad they like their new toys!!

And secondly, your babies are drop dead gorgeous!!

And btw - did I warn you that I find these all over my house? There I times I wonder if they play with them then I find them in some weird spot on the other side of the house where I saw it last.
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Look how big your babies are getting! They are so cute.

I have to laugh at darling Bamf though. I love the one of him running away with the toy. Silly boy.

Great kitties, great toys, for a great cause.
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Thank you Russian Blue, bnwalker2, Imunsie, Momofmany, and kittymonsters! I told the kittens how much you liked them, and they took it very well, of course.

kittymonsters, I think Bamf is really funny, too! He keeps running into the living room when Pixel is playing with one of the toys, grabbing one in his mouth, and then running away to the other side of the apartment! Like saying, "Neener, neener, mine!" It makes me giggle.

Momofmany, I love the toys! They're very cute and the kitties love them.
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