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Frodo is back alive!!

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Frodo is back. See post under "I ran over Frodo" - he is slightly
injured and in pain, but inside. He can't eat well so figure he has
jaw issues. face is swollen but body seems okay. Not going
to do much but sleep tonight. May rain here... glad all my
cats are inside, letting the wild boy outside now... (Grey Intruder)
so he can agitate the others inside, LOL. NO, really he has been
in for days so this will give him run time before he has to go in
for many many long days...
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I am so glad that Frodo is back! I hope he was not seriously hurt and he mends quickly!!

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Hon, I'm SO happy to hear Frodo came back! I was thinking about him all day but didn't get a chance to check until now. You probably want to take him to the vet as soon as you can. If something did happen to his jaw, it should get looked at.

But many "get well " being sent out to Frodo!
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What great news! I'm so glad I checked in tonight!
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YAY!! I was so happy to come into this forum and see "Frodo is back alive" thread!

I hope he feels better soon and that everything is okay!
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Whew, I'm so glad he's back!!! I assume you've booked him in for the vet??
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I'm glad to hear your boy is home. I hope he's not hurt badly -- of course you'll have him checked out ASAP. What a relief it must be to have him home.
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I am glad he is back and hope he sees a vet soon.
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fantastic news! hope he is ok.
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Are you taking him to get Xrays?
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Yeah *of course* (eye rolling here) I'm getting him checked by vet!

I'm not a cat
horder, LOL. Well not much any way....

He can't smell he needs his eye and jaw and face examined,
xrays, hydration and IV food, anti inflamatories and antibios

He will be overnight at the vet and not come back till Saturday
most likely, and I am fine with that. I need vibes to get in
a carrier however as he is a semi feral boy and is afraid of carriers....

If we have to have jaw surgery, then would have done when
I return from my trip.

Unfortunately going to the DAKS on Friday, so I will be gone
10 days. I am absolutely OVERJOYED he came back and
was found before I left.

And, my pet sitter is EXTREMELY competent so no fears
on that front. They have my vet permission to take
him in if Chris feels it is needed... while I am away.

Chris will pick up from vets on Saturday discharge.

All should be well with Frodo, but all, please cross
fingers and pray for him and a speedy recovery with
no loss of eye or anything like that...

(My major worries are his eye being damaged, his
jaw fractured and his nasal passages ruined) other
wise not too damaged.
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Glad to hear he is alive Also glad you have competent kitty care while your gone. Hopefuly by the time you get back for vacation he will be well on the road to total recovery.
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So pleased he came back. Good vibes for a full recovery.
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Oh how WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am SO relieved - I cannot imagine what you must be feeling!

I lit a candle for him last night - I will again tonight with prayers for a quick and complete recovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I had to get animal control to come and catch frodo as he went under bed and I could not get him. They used a net, but they made me feel terrible!
Like I was a criminal - they didn't believe me they (my cats I mean) all have rabies vccines, and I hate that whole "how many animals do you have?" routine - they make you feel
like your crazy for having more than 4!!

GRRR pet peeve. I don't do well with people questioning me,
and as a person who works with the public, I understand...
but geesh. Here's what you do, I need to know which cats
you have indoor and out and their rabies status - to protect us both.

Next, lets go look at the cat.

Anyway, he is at th vets, and prelims look good. Maybe a
broken jaw we don't know. Needs anti bios, hydration
pain meds anti inflams and x rays. Apres Xrays
we will know more. Possible ribs fracture, but
it doesn't look too bad per vet about that. He seems
to be moving fine, and the only other issue is his blader,
if it is intact... which I think it is.

Surgery would have to be done somewhere else, so
if its minor I will skip surgery.
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Sending healing prayers and vibes to Frodo, and prayers for happy traveling for you
And adding.... prayers and vibes to your local AC to have an open heart (=open mind)
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I am soooo happy for you!!!
When you put him to the crate, just tell him inside his mind that crate is safe place and visualize where he is going. Just try to send message to him that he is going to the place where his injury is treated and he IS COMING HOME. Just visualize the image of brining him home, him coming out the car and going through the door way to come to the room. That would make him know what will be happening.

How did you come home? Did you find him somewhere? Or he just walked home?
I would like to know!!

Hope he gets well soon!
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Kazy - he showed up on his own. At the front door, waiting to get in.
He knew I was looking, heard me in the sewers. He was going to
his "safe place" the house...

Lets hope he stays in!! Am baby gating my deck stairs - so my old boy
Diablo cannot get out to lie under cars while I am away... one less thing
for me to worry about. He seems unable to not lie under cars!!!

All the cats except Diablo go over the fence.
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Yay! I am sssoooooo glad that he is back.
Here's hoping that he recovers quickly! Here's some get well vibes
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Well I knew you were going to take him to the vet but we are cat fanatics here we can't help ourselves from being pushy.
Poor little Frodo. I feel for him. He must be exhausted. What I think is so cool is that he knew he needed to get to you. I think he sensed your despair.
I also know how connected you are to him.

Your vacation comes just in time. You will need that R and R.
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Yes indeed, and now I am PRAYING my heart out that Siamese Rescue can
step up and make room for him. Yesterday while on pain meds I picked him up MULTIPLE times!! He didn't even worry about it!!! Stunned.

He is so lucky. NO Broken bones, NO issues - 2 small teeth in lower front
jaw chipped. 1 infected eye... lots of blood draining from sinus... (hemmoraging like a nose bleed there). No ruptured bladder.

He will be fine with rest and pain meds. He doesn't even WANT to stay in!!

He wants back out??!!!!! Silly boy.

V. relieved. NOw if you all will send vibes for getting him into Siamese Rescue to place him in a wonderful forever fur home with a loving gentle fur brother/sister to keep company with INDOORS only, I'd be flipping over
the moon with joy! Or getting my grey intruder with FIV placed in a single cat home, to be spoilt and babied would also be good...
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Originally Posted by opilot View Post
I had to get animal control to come and catch frodo as he went under bed and I could not get him.
I had a sick semi-feral cat that did that to me once. I actually closed the door to the room then lifted the mattresses off the frame to get to him. Then put him in the carrier which he was terrified of. That was the first time that I got him into a carrier inside the house without using a live trap. OK, the first time I got him into a carrier without being scarred.

I'm so glad that Frodo's injuries were not as bad as you feared. Sending that Siamese Rescue can find this baby a home!
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I am soooo happy to hear that Frodo's back, and wasn't hurt too badly!

Heal quickly, Frodo! And no more outside adventures!
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What wonderful news! I'm so glad he's going to be okay!

I didn't want to tell you this before, but... my first cat when I was 8 years old was Whizzie, named after a cat my mother'd had when she was a kid. Little grey tabby, sweetest little girl. But my parents were raised to believe animals should live outdoors, so Whizzie lived in our breezeway (a covered patio between the house and the garage) and was let into the garage overnight.

One day while I was at Girl Scout camp, my mother backed out of the garage and thought she felt something... and later, Whizzie didn't come to be fed... so my father went searching and found her in the grassy side yard, where she had lain down to die from internal injuries. My mom still gets upset when she thinks of it... and I never went away to camp again.

I'm so glad Frodo's story has a happier ending! Many vibes for finding that boy a good safe INDOOR home!
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Thanks to all who cared to write and send vibes. Mr. Frodo continues fine - and has I hope learned to AVOID cars! He does want out at night alot, and I usually DO NOT let him, as I think he might be... under a car!

I have let him out in the day time though. He has also gotten a little bit friendlier I think, I can lift by the belly some, not too high or long, but enough to move him, and I can also let my hand closer to his face BEFORE he
begins to flinch. Also, the vet came for Diablo's visit, and he ran away and
hid, but then wandered pretty close to us, SO he seems to be a bit less skittish of people in the house....

He almost always appears when I call if he is nearby - a good thing!
He has gotten quite relaxed I reckon.

Send prayers and vibes he gets even tamer - a little bit more of this
progress to thinking people aren't bad and *craving* attention would
be great1 (He really loves his pets, sometimes he presents him self for them, and then he actually PURRS after a bit. So wonderful to feel him purring).

There maybe a home for Grey Intruder too, so all please pray/send vibes for that to work out? I would so adore that! He is a great kitty he needs someone who can give him attention, meds and love for as long as he has
to live. Being FIV positive, that could be longer or shorter, but still... he does deserve it. Not living hand to mouth and so hungry he is coming into my house to eat, sheltering in sewers and under cars...or in my "shelter" box
I put out for him...
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So glad this has a good outcome and he has vet care!!! Accidents happen - hopefully, he-'' stay inside now where it is safe (not that it is your fault, it is just hat the outdoors is a dangerous place for cats these days!) . I hope his radiology work is good and he heals well!!
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Sending taming & healing vibes for Frodo
And mega-homing vibes for them both, that they are settled in with new, wonderful families before the winter hits
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