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Canned Tuna

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My two little stinkers will not eat canned cat food. I've tried different brands, flavors, etc. They will eat the dry cat food, but I feel that their diet should contain both, even though the dry is the majority. They will also eat canned Tuna. I feed them a quarter of a can once a day, sometimes skipping a day. My concern is the mercury reported in the canned tuna. Canned Tuna contains lower mercury levels than fresh and the warning is for children, women who are pregnant and women of child bearing age due to possible birth defects. My question is, am I poisoning my kitties and should I stop this practice and continue my quest for a canned kitty food they'll at least look at?
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Ok, I know that tuna is not good for cat/kittens because of the mercury in it, and probably other stuff that isn't good for them.

You can try Fancy Feast Tuna, I know that my previous cats loved the stuff, actually they loved all things Fancy Feast. You can give this a try.

I know others on the board had similar problems with picky eaters, maybe they can help...
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I cats will eat fancy feast ocean white fish over real tuna they actually don't seem to like real tuna!
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My cats like real tuna and the fancy feast tuna, but try the latter!

I HAVE seen "cat tuna" at a few select stores, comes in a red can I believe, I don't know what it's really made of, or if it has any of that mercury in it however!

But it says it's for cats and not humans.
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The cat tuna is called FIGARO and Petsmart/Petco carry it.
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Is that it? Does it come in a small can with like a red/black label? It was a year ago that I saw it, in some random grocery store!
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Hi Les!

Somehow, i feel that they made catfoods for a reason.

Glad to know you tried many varieties. i know Fancy Feast has a lot of varieties, however, not all are yummy and well-liked.

My furbabies tried at least 15 varieties. Their top two favorites are fish and shrimp flakes, and grilled chicken.

If you buy FF, i would recommend buying the ones that are "flaked" as there are actual pieces in them. In the past, Daisy would flip over the FF's Seafood filets - sardines, shrimp & crab feast (yellow label.)

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I bought my kitties the tuna for cats not that long ago. They loved it! It does come in a black and red can. They take the tuna and extract everything that is harmful for our kitties. It smells the same, but I don't think I'll ever try it! I tuna and could never get enough of it!
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Shirely: No kidding!! We've had the shrimp one here before, adn you open the can up and you can SEE these full peices of shrimp, it's like WHOA, that's a whole baby shrimp right there, haha
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Here is a link to the dangers of feeding tuna to cats:

Cats and Tuna

Hope this helps!

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Socks is finicky, also. I find that she loves the Whiskas wet food that comes in the little pouches, but I only give it to her as a treat, about once a month, because I don't know how good it is for her...
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Wiska's in a pouch isn't that great, not a lot of meat and it has by-products in it.

But I feed it as well as a treat now and then, it's my cats fav food.

Perhaps you could look into the Nutro Natural Pouches they have out now? They look to be a lot better!! I just have to find a place that sells them near me now, lol.

Russian: Oh yeah thanks for that link. I've been trying to tell my fiance forever why Tuna isn't good for them and he's kinda like "yeah whatever, that's a lie, that doesn't make since that the mecury isn't good for them there IS no mercury in tuna..." etc etc.

I showed him that link he shut up! =p
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What do you think of feeding cats the tuna water? Occasionally, I buy tuna packed in water for me to make sandwiches -- but instead of pouring out the water, I pour it over the their dry food. Boy, does Harry love that!
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The water is probably okay, but I wouldn't do it with the oil. Nutro has "ocean fish and tuna with gravy" in pouches, and Solid Gold canned is "red tuna and white tuna in gravy", according to the email I just got from them. I worry about mercury, too, but is it worse than the hormones in poultry and veal? We have "mad cow disease" (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) here in Europe, and a lot of cats have died of it (including big cats in the zoos) because they ate beef. No dogs as of yet. Ever since that was made public, our cat has been eating mainly cat food imported from the US and Canada.
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