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Balki's first vet visit!

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I adopted a little siamese mix, 8 wks old named Balki on Saturday. Some of you may have read my post in the behavior section. I had no history on him, the guy I got him from was unable to furnish proof of anything, so I had everything done.

He is Felv/Fiv negative! He weighs 2# 8oz. But he has a mild URI and is heavily infested w/ coccidia. I work at a vet and saw the slide, yikes! He is on Albon, Amoxi, and chlorpenaramine for the mild sneezing and congestion. Other than that he is fine. Boy, just when he is starting to bond with me and is doing well with socializing with people, I have to give him 3 different kinds of medication twice a day! He will hate me for sure!

My question is about my other cats. I wanted to quarantine Balki for about a week, but he didn't take well to being alone in the guest room. He literally tore it apart, and trembled like crazy! So I did a bad thing and let him out with the rest of my cats. My other cats are current on their distemper shots, but I know they still may or may have already contracted this cold. Any steps I can take other than locking him in that room again? My boss, a vet, says to lock him up again, but i just don't have the heart to do that, it scares him to death! Also, about the coccidia, Balki is on medication, but what should I do with the litter boxes? Bleach them a few times a week and scoop several times a day? Balki already has his own box, but I can't prevent the cats using each others pans.

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How about getting him a snugglekitty? It Simulates a mother cat's gentle nurturing. It also has a simulated heartbeat and heat source.

Maybe that way he'll feel more secure if he has to be confined.

Here is the website:

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