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Paper Shredding Kitten

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I just rescued a snowshoe siamese kitten and I named him Badger. He is so sweet and easy going and purrs the minute you pick him up. He also kisses my nose a lot!
Luckily, he has so many cute and sweet traits that I am able to overlook his bad behavior most of the time. But I am losing money on all of the paper towels and toilet paper that he shreds!!!! I don't know how to stop him from doing this! I have never had a cat that loves paper so much. And it isn't just paper towels and tp, he rips up anything he can get his paws on. Any suggestions on how to stop this behavior?
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First be sure to trim his nails at least once a week. Some cats get a "fetish" for things. You can try some plastic covers over the paper towels or toilet paper rolls to help protect them.
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Mine are the same, a lot of my books have 'kitty staples' in the corners. I put away any important papers so they can't get to them, and keep toilet paper in a cupboard. I haven't found a way to stop them as it's too much fun for them, I just make sure they can't get at anything important.
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I think this is pretty normal feline behaviour.

One of my adult cats will still decimate a roll of paper towels in a few minutes. Just keep the paper stuff out of his reach. I also found putting a heavy corrugated cardboard box on the floor for him works: he sits in the middle of it and chews little pieces all around the top of it.

How old is he? It's also normal for kittens to get into everything and claw things. If you don't have a good scratching post, get a couple and when he claws at things, pick him up and put him by the post, take his paw and help him learn to use that. Putting some catnip on it will help, if he's old enough to react to it.

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Right now I have shredded toilet paper all over my house. It's only funny because she is cute, and we haven't actually seen her do it, but Holly is for sure a paper shredder. She also like napkins and book corners.

Kitty has never been destructive, but all cats are different, and I think totally normal behavior. BTW, Holly is 5 months old, so maybe our kittens will grow out of it...wishful thinking
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Sport is a shredder as well. I read a quote in a cat book once that said "Anything not Nailed Down Is A Cat Toy". So, in light of that, I now just keep all toilet paper and paper towles out of his reach. That seems to be the only fool proof way.
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