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A chart for cat folks....

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Found this at GraphJam.
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That's hilarious!
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OMG Funny stuff
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That's so funny! When I'm at work I too tend to think about what my kitties are up to when they're home alone.

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Way to cute....I believe my are always up to something when I am away..Seriously they try to hard to look innocent when I get not to have been up to something.
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Toilet paper shredding should be on there too
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Ohh my that is a hoot and a unfortunately true
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Oh, when I read the subject line I thought it was going to be this chart:

Cat Proximity

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"Watching her stories!"
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I do think they are up to something because when I come home they are always at the door. Only Mary and Cleo so I imagine Seldon, Sachi and Saffron are getting rid of the evidence.
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...My godness!.......
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That is soo funny
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Both hilarious!

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Hilarious, yet true to form!
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Maybe we should have one for watching that have been towing, especially the lime and green one at lookingglass's apartment complex!
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I don't know about other cats, but Swanie spends a lot of his time on his favorite web site - Calicos gone wild.
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