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Cats and Tuna...

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Wow, okay, so I thought people were exaggerating how much kitties loved tuna... I've never given a cat tuna, not my parent's cats and not Hennessy...

But the second I opened a can yesterday he went mad! He got a tiny piece after he begged for a few minutes, but after I went off (mm, sammich!) He jumped on the counter (which he never does) and rooted around for more... and then tried to knock over the trash to get at the cans!

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Neither one of my cats likes tuna all that much. They'll eat it if there is nothing else to eat but they would rather have an option if it came down to tuna and something else
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millie loves tuna and pretty much anything else really. yoshi on the other hand turns her nose up at tuna, sardines, mackerel, pilchards, pink salmon, red salmon, cod, coley and cat milk. she literally only like chicken! cow bag! tuna's a good treat though - cheap & mummy can eat the rest of the can
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In my house if I am making tuna sandwiches everyone has to have a share or mom doesn't get to eat....
They know as soon as the can is open and all 3 are sitting there staring at me...
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For my TNR program tuna always works for those untrappable ferals.
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Mine don't really have chance to eat tuna unless it is leftovers from sandwiches that have been made, and we have had enough...apart from that they have tuna flavour dried biscuits.
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My boyfriend's RB cat, Cato, loved the JUICE from the human canned tuna, not the tuna itself.
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Zane will eat almost any fish or flesh or foul.

Father started him on a bad habit that whatever meat we would have, he'd cut a tiny slice of and cut up into little bits on a small plate for Zane. Unfortunately, if you are the least little bit late in putting down the Zane Plate, he'll get very demanding, and has been known to jump up onto the table.

He does get particularly demanding when it is some sort of fish, though. (I wonder why cats love fish so much? In the wild they certainly, given the aversion most feline species have for water, wouldn't get much, if any.)
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Precious is downright obsessed with tuna. The minute she hears that can opener, she comes flying! And then as soon as she smells the tuna she cries as though she were dying incessantly until she gets some.
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I won't feed mine cat tuna, but when we have tuna sandwiches, they get a tiny bite of tuna with a little of the juice (water).
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My mom's cat Lucy loves tuna all you have to do is run the can opener and she comes running. I don't like feeding my cats tuna mainly because I don't like it and the smell is just awfull, but I am tempted to treat my kitties to it just to see if they like it.
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Zane doesn't like either cheese or eggs. He gets very interested when I'm cooking eggs or when I'm slicing cheese, but if I give him some he'll sniff and then walk off.
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I give Wesley and Sox the juice when I have tuna. Every time I open a can they both come running and sit there meowing. So even if it is not tuna they come running 'cause of the noise of the can opening. So if it is not tuna I show them the can I opened so they can see it is not tuna. Every once in a great while I will let them share a whole can of tuna.
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Mitzi is madly in love with tuna

She has it for dinner nearly every day lol

She just can't get enough
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Sterling loves tuna, but Punkin won't touch it. would cats ever develop a taste for fish? After all, they don't natively hunt fish!
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Mine go mad for tuna to , little fuzzbutts
Jess x
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