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Hey all, can someone help me out

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I just had a co-worker of mine approach me about adopting a cat. Problem is our household has 4 already and the rent's would kill me if I brought home another.

This cat in question is 8 or 9 years old, spayed, declawed , golden in color and I believe a shorthair.

Does anyone know a person that might be able to take her in or help me place her? I live near Flemington or Phillipsburg NJ.

Thanks for any help!!!
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Is there any no kill shelters in your area? Since it's kitty season, they may be full..but it's worth asking about! If that isn't an option, word of mouth is a good thing. Ask your parents if they have friends that might be interested in a cat or friends of yours...
Sorry, I'm not much help! Hope you find him a furever home soon!
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You might want to talk to your vet also. On occasion they will get a request. I wish you the best in helping this cat. You're very kind to take on the responsibility.
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Thanks for the replies. We have an SPCA here but it probably wouldn't do it any good. Plus like was mentioned, it is the cat season so the are full. They are always full.

Hmmm.... I just was asked on Tuesday (later the same day) if I would adopt a cat from one of our retired squad members. Looks as if she's also going to a home and someone would take 2 or the 3 cats so one is out of a home.

Very strange...
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Here's a pic of her. I was wrong, she's a beautiful longhair.

Her name is Tillie aka Lily aka Tillie Lily.

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She's beautiful! I hope she gets a good home!
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BTT... can anyone help me out? SPCA won't take her since she's not deemed a "stray" and I don't want to see her end up at what may appear to be a good place but in reality it's far different.
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Wind Danzer, check your PM's
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I am going tomorrow night to pick up Tillie Lilly, she is going to join our Pride of kitties
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Sue, That is better than wonderful! Please let us know how she gets along at her new home.
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She's never been around other cats, but the owner's son says she would "talk" with the outside cats through a screen and the exchanges were always friendly.

Most of our cats have always been in multi-cat households. Midnight, who was my only cat for years, has adjusted wonderfully and is like a surrogate dad to Lilith's kittens. Coal is a grumpy old man, but he is all bark (meow?) and very little bite. Lilith will hiss at a newcomer, but as long as they don't invade her personal space on top of the bookshelf, all will be fine. Sasha has done very well indeed in adjusting to a multicat household, he has been starting to engage in play with some of the others.

The kittens, plus Sunshine and Romeo, were always in multi-cat households, so there should be no problem there.
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Sue- please integrate her slowly. With no claws she will be pretty much defenseless to defend herself besides biting. Good luck with her!
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Yes, we're going to keep her in the computer room for as long as she needs, will get everyone accustomed to one another's scents, etc. We just integrated Sasha, who is also declawed, and there was no problem at all. But then again, he has the typical non-aggressive Ragdoll personality...

Will definitely keep you all posted!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

Mr. Fitz came up to me in the hallway today and told me the good news. He was totally in shock that someone, who I personally have never met besides though a plea for help on a message board, would be so wonderfully kind. Plus he was almost in tears when he told me that you were willing to pick up the cat even though he was more then ready to drive down to you. He is just so suprised at how "nice" someone could be. He even went as far as to ask how I do it. I guess I have the best contacts/friendlest people surrounding me.

He truly sounded very happy for the cat and very thankful to you for taking her.

I to am thankful, there was a time for a few weeks where his mother might have been able to keep her but she's at the point that I believe she really doesn't remember much and I think the cat was the last bit to go. She hadn't asked about her for a week or so I was told and that's when he approached me again for help, and your number.

Thanks again, this really means a lot to him and I'm sure his motehr would understand. You really are a special person.

Please keep me informed of her progress and what not. How did she take to you? He had told me for the last 3 months basically she was getting anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour of attention a day. Sounds like she was starved for attention.
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Tillie is in our computer room, getting used to her new home. She was so very good on the way home, she didn't even cry once! She sat in the carrier and let my BF pet her all the way home. She gave him little kitty kisses and headbumps a few times too

Right now, she is under one of the computer tables watching our feet She has her food and water and litterbox in here, and she and the other cats can sniff one another under the door.

She is such a sweet little lady! So soft and fluffy, such huge green eyes! We are already in love with her!
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Good stuff!!!! Thnaks for the update as I know he'll be asking about her as time goes on.
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Hiding behind the surge protector
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BTW, we asked Mr Fitz if he thought we could bring Tillie to see his mom, but he said that he thought she wouldn't remember her

I am so glad that we were able to give Tillie a home!
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It brings me such great joy to know that everything is working out so well. It warms the heart to know that you will be giving Tillie a home. If her "mother" were able to understand, I know she would be eternally grateful. I'm sure God will bless you for being such a kind person and for bringing such joy to so many!
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aawwwwww so nice to see something good happen!! What an angel you are! Me and your are tie again with number of kitties!!
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
Me and your are tie again with number of kitties!!
Yikes! Let's both agree to keep it at 13, ok?

This is our 9th "Absolutely the LAST cat".
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Mine should be going down to 12 because blizzy is supposed to get a new home...but the person hasn't called me yet
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What a sweet little girl!!!

Tillie will now come to us for pets and scritches and loves to be petted. She accepts kisses on top of the head, and will sit on a lap once in a while. We can pick her up but she doesn't like to be held while you're walking. She is still hissing at the other cats, but there have been no fights at all. She is a tiny little girl, same size as our Max. She doesn't hiss at us at all anymore
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It sounds as if she's adjusting at a good rate! Yay!
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She's such a pretty cat! Good luck with her!
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Awesome on the update. She's progressing well and I'm glad she has adjusted to you both.

Only a little more time till she's used to them. Is there any one that she has latched on to at all, or is she still hissing at them all?
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